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10 thoughts on “Biden Priorities

  1. The GOP can cry more, the left don’t care. They get elected to ram home their agenda. Conservatives get elected then worry what the left thinks about them. The point of power is to use it. The left has been demonstrating that since the French Revolution.

  2. The point of power is to use it.


    And the GOP doesn’t get that? Since January local GOP state legislatures have enacted hundreds of voter suppression bills and dozens of abortion restrictions which amount to abortion bans in the confident expectation that the GOP-controlled SCOTUS will gut what’s left of the Voting Rights Act 1965 and strike down Roe v Wade later this year.

  3. What conservatives?

    There is/was damn little that was conservative about Boris Johnson or Donald Trump ( or Marjorie Taylor Greene and the many other de facto supporters of overthrowing the government )

    Maybe conservative as compared with idiots like AOC or Corbyn, but not truly conservative.

  4. “And the GOP doesn’t get that?”

    Nope, not even close. Most conservatives think that gaining power is an opportunity to say sorry for what they believe in.

    “Since January …”

    There you go. Since January. What did they do when they had the White House? Nothing.

  5. What did they do when they had the White House? Nothing.


    Trump has created a conservative SCOTUS which will soon finish off the Voting Rights Act 1965 and usher in a new era of Jim Crow voting restrictions. And pave the way to making abortion illegal. Both of these profound changes will apply in all of the Confederate States and a few more besides. And there will be more to come. Gay marriage could be next to be abolished.

    The culture war in the USA is going nuclear.

  6. The republican party is divided the democrat party is pure communist. Trump got no cooperation while the gop controlled the house and senate and it cost the gop both. Ryan and McConnell fought him as hard as the dems and he did serve as a conservative in spite of not being one.

    He spent money on the military, he created fantastic job growth, he closed the border, and he filled over 200 bench seats with conservatives.

    The RINOs need to be purged, friggen Romney proposed a gas tax yesterday as a compromise on infrastructure. Gas has already gone up over a dollar a gallon an nothing destroys the american economy and drives inflation more than the price of gas…. We need Term Limits period on all these bastards.

  7. the democrat party is pure communist

    Biden’s a commie? Who knew?

    The RINOs need to be purged

    Sure, what the GOP needs is more like Marjorie Taylor-Green. Why not go the whole hog and primary any sitting GOP legislator who does not swear belief in QAnon.

  8. I don’t care where you pull your fake numbers from during Trump the Employment Rate reached levels it hadn’t reached since the 50-60s. Records were broken in every category. Minorities and Woman had the greatest employment numbers ever.

    Businesses were opening factories, steel plants reopened manufacturing was being started back up, and we were energy independent.

    Now everyone is out of work, every oil job in the nation has dried up, Biden destroyed American Fuel Production day one, costing millions their jobs and creating a dominoes effect. Businesses are now staying over seas as our Tax rate becomes the highest corporate tax rate in the world just yesterday Biden crushed the American Metals industry removing all tarrifs on steel and aluminum putting more American workers out of work.

    All while flooding the country with a Million new ILLEGAL workers a month.

  9. Biden is a Commie Peter.

    Biden wants Government to control EVERY aspect of our life, what we drive, what we eat, what we call each other (male/female/?, they even want to vote FOR US so we pick the right people.

    Communism isn’t a Philosophy by Marx, or a Little Red Book by Mao. It’s Government Control of everything which is the Democrat Party’s Platform.

    Biden and EVERY Democrat is a Communist even if they are to stupid to know it.

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