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The firmness of European leaders on the protocol, on the importance of enforcing it to the letter, has been extraordinary. ‘Nothing [in the protocol] is negotiable’, the French president Emmanuel Macron has ‘warned’ Boris Johnson. Yes, this is where we’re at, five years after the vote for Brexit: the leader of a foreign nation is bossing us around on the movement of goods within our own borders. EC president Ursula von der Leyen says the protocol must be implemented ‘completely’. And if it isn’t, the EU will take ‘remedial measures’ to ‘ensure compliance’, possibly including the imposition of trade tariffs on the UK. 

Now, the Biden administration has entered the fray, of course on the side of the EU oligarchs. The Times’ description of Washington’s issuing of the demarche against the UK should chill everyone who believes in sovereignty and democracy. Yael Lempert, America’s most senior diplomat in the UK, met Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, on 3 June. She informed him of President Biden’s ‘great concern’ that Britain’s caginess about elements of the protocol could be ‘inflaming’ tensions in Ireland. Apparently she ‘slowly and gravely read her instructions [from Washington] aloud’. In short, Frost was given a bollocking. By a foreign power. Over how Britain conducts its domestic affairs. Are you worried yet?

We need to take stock. In a couple of weeks time it will be the fifth anniversary of the historic, magnificent vote for Brexit, when 17.4million Brits issued an instruction of their own – that Britain must withdraw from the EU and ‘take back control’ of its borders, its trade and its law-making. And yet such control still feels elusive.

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4 thoughts on “N.I. Protocals

  1. Why just UK affairs it should refrain from? Serious question.

    As for the UK having to implement the NI protocol, there’s a simple solution to that, Man up and accept tarif trades each way.

    The UK is about to destroy British Beef farming where they will move to dependency on ozzie beef (far more cheaply produced in huge farms). Great job UK, great job.

  2. “ The referendum was won by 17,410,742 Britons who refused to be intimidated, insulted, ridiculed or patronised by the Conservatives, Labour, the LibDems, the SNP, Plaid Cymry, the SDLP, the Greens, the Trade Unions, the BBC, the Bank of England, the Treasury, the CBI, the IMF, the President of the United States of America, all 27 of our EU ‘friends’, 300 ‘leading’ historians, 78% of scientists, 77% of lawyers, 80% of business leaders, 72% of economists, the banks, the bishops, most celebrities and Eddie fucking Izzard”

  3. Not far off that figure voted contrary despite lies printed on the sides of buses and the like.

    What has changed for the better in the new Nirvanna?

  4. Nothing, for me personally, I let my utter contempt for those flouncing around Brussels like Royalty, rule my heart and not my head. And now for me and my European family with properties in the Czech & Bratislava, for me more so, it’s going to be grief, and Brussels are going to make it hell for the British.

    I had no interest in what was on the side of a bus (350 million, by the way, the NHS would have chewed through in approximately 10 hours).

    Brussels are beyond reform, beyond reason, and beyond redemption.

    The EU never was the problem, that lies solely at the feet of those flouncing around like Royalty at the palaces of Brussels trying to build their new empire.

    Even my German colleagues freely admit, Brussels are a problem.

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