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1. Lab-leak reversal

2. Growing evidence hydroxychloroquine may be effective COVID-19 treatment

3. Intelligence Community doubts about Russian bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan

4. IG debunks Lafayette Park photo-op myth

5. Washington Post corrects report Trump urged election official to “find the fraud”

and the Dozens of other lies told by the press and believed by idiots starting with “Russian Collusion” 


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2 thoughts on “So many things that just weren’t True

  1. Splash the lie on the front page, put the correction ten pages in. The last few years have revealed the mainstream press to be literally nothing more than partican propagandists. It is beyond argument or contention. They have provably lied time and time again.

    The press has lost the right to be believed, at first glance, on anything.

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