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I hope your day was as nice as mine. In these here parts gin-clear chalk streams trickle off the downs. They combine to become a tributary of the River Test and flow south to the English Channel. It’s here that watercress has been grown for centuries. Buy it anywhere in the UK and there’s a good chance this is where it came from. So this is where I did a 12-miler today, by way of an abandoned medieval village.

Getting out and deep into the countryside is a drug to me. The idea of being anywhere else on a hot summer’s day anathema. I genuinely crave it and look forward to it all week. Get up and out early, start walking the trails and keep walking. A long time ago I took a Texan woman I was studying with out for a day, into the countryside near here. She was astounded at all the greens. She’d never seen so much green, which I put down to her coming from browns and yellows. What we can take for granted is always worth seeing through someone else’s eyes.

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  1. Nice picture Pete. A few years back I stayed in Winchester and did some walking on the South Downs Way.

  2. Peter –

    Yep, it’s that part of the world. I was on the downs at 7.00am for the first half of a loop before dropping into a valley. It’s a warm weekend and too hot to be on the downs without cover when the Sun is up. On a hot day I love walking the streams and rivers. The wildlife is buzzing, the trees provide cover and I can soak my hat in the water.

    Harri –

    There’s posh. Mine comes from a supermarket.

  3. Pe.

    The watercress is much stronger, a bit too strong to be honest at times, than the supermarket version.

    Watercress can be filed under “superfood”

    The also run a small farm shop of local produce, and run a small plant nursery.

    It’s all so wonderfully British.

  4. Harri –

    It’s very good for you. The pungency is because watercress leaves contain mustard oil. They’re of the same family. If you can mix mustard and honey with the dish that will temper it.

    I’m a big fan of a good farm shop. Prices can be higher but you always find interesting things.

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