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Christian Eriksen, a Danish footballer, collapsed on the pitch this afternoon during his country’s match against Finland. He received CPR on the pitch in Copenhagen while his teammates stood in circle, facing out, to provide some privacy. I watched the rugby when I came in so so didn’t see it, but I’ve read that the BBC belatedly cut away and went back to the studio when the seriousness of the situation was realised. Yeah, a man receiving CPR is serious.

So the cameras carried on rolling, focusing on Eriksen’s face while medics were struggling to keep him alive. While this was going on Eriksen’s wife came onto the pitch, in tears and distressed. The cameras focused on her too. Apparently many countries continued with the feed.

Pro-tip to tv directors: don’t be ghouls or voyeurs. Be discrete and cut away. For anyone who would continue watching – have a think about yourself.

(The medics did great, men of the match. Eriksen is stable in hospital tonight.)

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3 thoughts on “GHOULS

  1. Good comment.

    I don’t think that US sports TV has done that ( shown closeups of the badly injured or medically struggling person ) when there have been serious injuries say in the NFL after a really bad hit.

    I’d think that the TV people here knew what they were doing was morally wrong, but they did it anyway. They had no decency.

  2. ( the TV people covering the match in Denmark ) knew what they were doing was morally wrong

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