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The FBI is reeling over the weekend after learning that a “high ranking” Chinese defector to the United States with knowledge of the nation’s bioweapons was recently obtained by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and kept a secret and hidden from the FBI for three months.  The news broke Friday by former Fox News reporter Adam Housley.

“Being told the increased pressure on China in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge,” Housley reported. “In fact, Wray didn’t know right away because they wanted to make sure they got all they needed before telling him.” 

“Also…US intelligence believes China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that it originally came from a lab,” Housley continued. “The belief is still that it escaped accidentally, but was allowed to spread.”

According to RedState’s Jen Van Laar, FBI Director Wray was “ambushed” by the news of the defector, and the CIA was also kept in the dark. According to the DIA, this was done with precautions to keep the defector from suspected Chinese moles in those security agencies.

The reason for the Title of the Post……

One of the reasons Osama Bin Laden was able to accomplish 9/11 was that the different U.S. Intel Communities didn’t talk to each other. The creation of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) was specifically done to solve this Problem along with the Patriot Act to make it Legal for Foreign Intelligence to be shared with Domestic Intelligence Agencies. Before 9/11 this did not happen and apparently it is STILL NOT HAPPENING.

The Chicom Flu aside if this story is accurate it says we are vulnerable due to the same INCOMPETENCE we suffered from prior to the last attack on the U.S. that claimed 2,996 people’s lives.

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13 thoughts on “This is interesting and frightening

  1. “Also…US intelligence believes China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that it originally came from a lab,” Housley continued. “The belief is still that it escaped accidentally, but was allowed to spread.”

    It’s possible. You certainly wouldn;t put it past the Chinese. It was allowed to spread too. Peking shut down all travel, by any means, into and out of Wuhan and its province but allowed international flights to continue out of Wuhan.

    The Chinese communists deliberately exported the virus.

  2. Are we seriously being led to believe the worlds top intel & spy agencies, with all their available assets have no clue exactly where, when and why the Covid19 virus originated from?

    My best guess is, they know full well, they simply for whatever reason dare not tell us plebs.

    The worlds governments rule largely by consent, and I assume they have no wish for that consent to be summarily withdrawn.

    If there is one thing on Mother Earth what makes them scared of their own shadows?

    It’s us, the plebs.

  3. This is interesting and frightening.

    Alien contact could result in ‘the end of all life on earth’ and we should STOP trying to communicate with extra-terrestrials, top physicist warns
    A group of astronomers are pushing back on humanity’s preoccupation with contacting aliens, warning that it could result in ‘the end of all life on earth’
    SETI astronomer Joe Gertz claims that our attempts at communicating with extraterrestrials is ‘the reckless endangerment of all mankind’
    In a Washington Post op-ed, physicist and science writer Mark Buchanan detailed some recent UFO encounters with the US Navy
    Given the relatively young age of our galaxy compared to the rest of the cosmos, Buchanan thinks that we would undoubtedly be the more primitive civilization
    However, astronomers from a different school of thought argue that alien contact is the key to our planet’s future sustainability by way of alien technology


  4. The lab leak theory is looking a lot more likely than it did a few months ago, but it’s hard to imagine that we will ever have certainty. Because the Chinese dictators will have destroyed the smoking gun and threatened the scientists with execution if they tell the truth to the world.

    But if the lab leak theory is somehow proved correct, it will have profound consequences not just for China’s standing in the world but more importantly in our attitude towards science and scientists. Because it will be proved that they were palying with fire and without adequate safeguards. The justification will be that “gain of function” experiments with viruses are justified if they help to develop vaccines which will keep us safe. Not if they cause millions of deaths (directly and indirectly) and two years of economic disruption and misery. And it’s not just the scientists that will be in the stocks:

    “Lab leaks happen. They aren’t the result of conspiracies: “a lab accident is an accident,” as Nathan Robinson points out; they happen all the time, in this country and in others, and people die from them.

    There is evidence that the lab in question, which studies bat coronaviruses, may have been conducting what is called “gain of function” research, a dangerous innovation in which diseases are deliberately made more virulent. By the way, right-wingers didn’t dream up “gain of function”: all the cool virologists have been doing it (in this country and in others) even as the squares have been warning against it for years.

    There are strong hints that some of the bat-virus research at the Wuhan lab was funded in part by the American national-medical establishment — which is to say, the lab-leak hypothesis doesn’t implicate China alone.

    There seem to have been astonishing conflicts of interest among the people assigned to get to the bottom of it all, and (as we know from Enron and the housing bubble) conflicts of interest are always what trip up the well-credentialed professionals whom liberals insist we must all heed, honor, and obey.

    The news media, in its zealous policing of the boundaries of the permissible, insisted that Russiagate was ever so true but that the lab-leak hypothesis was false false false, and woe unto anyone who dared disagree. Reporters gulped down whatever line was most flattering to the experts they were quoting and then insisted that it was 100% right and absolutely incontrovertible — that anything else was only unhinged Trumpist folly, that democracy dies when unbelievers get to speak, and so on.

    The social media monopolies actually censored posts about the lab-leak hypothesis. Of course they did! Because we’re at war with misinformation, you know, and people need to be brought back to the true and correct faith — as agreed upon by experts.”


  5. they know, and they ain’t gonna say for a multitude of reasons.

    The fact that they are not sharing info interagency is actually after the patriot act illegal.

    They are blaming “Moles” in other words spies in each of the other agencies…. What do they know about these “Moles” and why aren’t we removing them, or is it just a bullshit excuse for old habits.

  6. “However, astronomers from a different school of thought argue that alien contact is the key to our planet’s future sustainability by way of alien technology.”

    If true, these people are insane.

  7. “What is also known for sure, is that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), nearby to the first recorded outbreaks, is the world’s premier collector of wild bat coronaviruses, has grown them in their in-house laboratories before, and had the expertise to conduct gain-of-function experiments. If you wanted to create a pandemic coronavirus in a lab, the WIV would be a hell of a place to do it. And so there are now several theories about the pandemic strain coming out of the WIV, ranging from one of their on-file natural coronaviruses infecting a lab member; an ill-advised gain-of-function strain doing the same; or a purposely human-targeted bioweapon strain being accidentally or intentionally unleashed. Given the lab’s capabilities, that’s the full range of careless, reckless, or purely evil possibilities.

    This means that some version of a lab-leak was always circumstantially and scientifically plausible. Each theory also neatly appeals to a certain sort of person, what you might call the fringes of both sides. If you’re the radically credulous mainstream sort, the natural origin story fits the bill. A naturally emerging viral pandemic is a complex process that the experts say is likely to happen. It’s the way things have happened before. People in positions of authority – say, running a biohazardous lab – are highly competent and probably trustworthy. Mystery solved by association.

    If you thrive on contingency and conspiracy, however, the lab-leak theory is catnip. A single, discrete event, perpetrated by individuals, and then – if true – surely covered up. Whether you think it was an accident or a doomsday device, access to the lab offers the possibility of a smoking gun, if only you could investigate.”


  8. The conspiracy Peter is it’s likely a lab leak, was always likely a lab leak, but the Public was not just pushed away from that view, but were banned from platforms from saying it.

    And the WHY and the Conspiracy is because it wasn’t just a lab leak it was a lab leak at the Lab and with the Virus that Dr. Fauci PAID to have enhanced and HE steered all conversation away from it going as far as having an article “Planted” in the Lancet by his fellow investors.

  9. Great first paragraph Patrick.

    Fauci didn’t pay anyone in China, it was US government funds and Fauci would not have been the sole decision maker. I get that you Trumpists desperately want a Democrat scapegoat but you will not succeed with this one. Has no-one accused Hillary yet? Not even Alex Jones?

  10. no not Jones…. you two don’t read anything but leftwing press. I read everything.

    Fauci was the Sole control over who got what funds for what. Why do you think he is the highest paid civil servant? He’s the highest paid because he has total control of that portion of the yearly American budget. He is THE Person that makes the decision where all research money is spent in the biomedical field of research that the Government feeds. Which is Billions of Dollars.

    He knew exactly what he was funding and who. He directed the money through an investment company that only has one customer the US Govt. The Scientist who does the virology enhancement science in China thanked both Fauci and the NIAID, and the investment house in multiple documents.

    This stuff has been out there for months, but neither of you two know anything about it because you are stuck in a loop reading the same source material. I don’t read or watch Jones, I don’t read zero hedge, listen to Bannon or any other of the “Known” points of view.

    Gentleman I have no life, covid took away all my social activity. I sit in front of my computer 18hrs a day an READ…. and I read everything on bothsides as best as I can.

    I did that even before Covid, I follow no sports and I can’t work… Politics and News have been my addiction my whole life. Can’t tell you a starting player on a single sports team, but I can tell you who every elected official in my state is and who the people are that helped them win office.

    Fauci was pursuing what he believed was a good path and did so in good faith. I truly believe that, but I also believe from what I have read that he has known from the beginning exactly what this was, where it came from, and that through him the US government helped pay for it.

    People were dropping like flies, it was a major issue in a Presidential Election…..

    When you read his emails of the two day time period where it hit him you can feel the panic and the fear in his directness and interesting verbiage. This poor bastards led a charmed successful life. In this political atmosphere this could very easily destroy him and depending on which faction of political gits he pisses off he could even end up in jail.

    No I don’t believe Fauci other than walking a tightrope that only he knew he was on is guilty of anything, other than not seeing the danger of this type of research no matter the motive. His actions to hide his funding is criminal in my view, but totally understandable.

    If you are going to dismiss what I have to say dismiss what I am saying instead of pretending you know my sources and therefore can dismiss them out of hand….

    I mean sure you can, and you do, but you disprove NOTHING I’ve said with reason or fact. Something you are both more than capable of doing if you have something you can point to that shows that what I am saying is not as close to what happened as any of us will ever find out.

    Show me the articles that have you convinced I’m wrong.


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