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We were treated to what at first appeared to be rare mea culpa this week as reporters read the Department of the Interior inspector general’s report on the riots and police response in Lafayette Park last summer and appeared shocked to find that the Park Police and Attorney General Bill Barr and even President Donald Trump were telling the truth when they said the crowd was going to be dispersed before police knew the president was thinking of coming down there. 

Not all of these anchors or reporters were in Washington (and a lot of them didn’t think it safe to travel in June unless you were going to a protest or a riot or one of George Floyd’s funerals), but many were in D.C., and all have correspondents in the city. That’s important, because to get in front of the cameras at the White House press briefing, as Jim Acosta did every chance he had, or to pose for the live camera shots on top of the nearby Chamber of Commerce, these reporters and pundits had to walk through the streets — and the mob that controlled them.

That means they heard the drumming and the curses and the threats and the screams and the howls of the mob whenever confronted by police or close enough to the White House to vent their rage. 

That means they saw the shattered windows and empty businesses and spray painted profanities and revolutionary threats and burned church and smashed cars and trash-strewn streets of the city.

That means they maybe even saw the rioters trying to pull down the beautiful statue of Lafayette, or maybe at least saw the empty and defaced pedestals nearby of those statues the mob successfully claimed.

That means they maybe even dodged the occasional projectiles when bricks and glass bottles and full soda cans and fireworks were thrown into police lines after the sun went down.

And all that means they knew full well what this “peaceful protest” was about, and they had to walk past its rich, poor, and working-class victims every day they went to get on camera.  

That means they heard this, and they saw it, and they chose to lie to you about it.

For four years the MSM and the Democrats spread one lie after another, and so many of you believed them. The QUESTION is how many of you now that it has been proven over and over again that it was all lies still believe the Lies?

Way too many of you….. learn to read more than just the “News” you like or agree with. You will be better informed.

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25 thoughts on “Just one of the Lies

  1. Obviously after many of these Antifa inspired violent riots, burning, looting and mayhem.

    The safest place to huddle around is the local benefits building, they always seem to come out unscathed.

  2. There’s very little evidence that the establishment propagandists ever reported the truth when it comes to the Trump presidency. Those who watch closely knew it all along, but most people take what these liars put out.

  3. They did the world a great disservice. Educated people like Phantom and Peter bought it all hook line and sinker.

    The Press died August 8, 1974. It has grown decrepit and more rotted each year since till it is now no longer a Free Press but a fully weaponized platform of one party. The Party of the State, for the State and all other views will be crushed by any and all means possible.

    I am a firm understander…. of ole Bills immortal words “kill all the Lawyers” except it more aptly should be applied to “Journalists” I’d even spare the Lawyers….

    I speak metaphorically of course I threaten no one.

    but the job of a free press is to inform the people, by any standards you apply they have stopped doing that and have relegated themselves to be ideological propagandists in the best cases and slandering muckrakers in the worst.

  4. What untrue things did Peter and I buy hook line and sinker?

    And there is a robust and often rabid pro-Trump press in Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, NY Post, Alex Jones, Mark Levin, etc etc that is every bit as biased as MSNBC, CNN, etc.

  5. ALL NEWS IS BIASED….. PERIOD Phantom which is why I read/watch everything. The only way to get the very minimum of facts is to hear what both sides say. There will be common pieces of info presented in 2 different angles, each highlighting the direction they want you to look.

    What untrue things did Peter and I buy hook line and sinker?

    Gee where to begin,,,,,,

    The Steele Dossier, Russian Collusion, every accusation that was thrown at him for 4 years.

    There wasn’t a single charge leveled against the Guy that you and Peter DIDN’T sign onto, believe, and support.

    Now Peter doesn’t live here so I cut him some slack, you on the other hand I don’t.

    The Department of Justice spent over 75 Million dollars, subpoenaed and seized 12 Million documents, used 20 prosecutors, 200 FBI agents, and didn’t find a single crime that they could charge him with.

    The man was Guilty and Proven INNOCENT.

    Not how our system is supposed to work, you are supposed to have a CRIME and then follow the evidence. In Trumps case they had NO CRIME and went looking for evidence of one they could charge him with. Guilt until proven innocent…..

    and they found NOTHING…. yet still to this day both of you call him a Criminal.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. I don’t like Obama, I don’t think he’s a criminal, I don’t like Fauci he paid for the development of the Covid-19 virus do I think he should be fired and lose his pension YES, do I think he’s criminal NO.

    You have zero perspective. You hate Trump, why you’ve never said, but your hate has been sprayed over these pages for over 5yrs now with you calling him a criminal. What’s the crime Phantom? None that you can name, none that 4 years of investigation could find….

    yet hook line and sinker you believe him to be a criminal…..

  6. I never brought up the Steele Dossier.

    You did, a million times.

    He is on tape colluding with the Russians. He did it on live world TV.And that’s just part of it.

  7. What’s this fixation of stealing pensions from people?

    Fauci earned his pension over a lifetime of honorable service.

    It belongs to him, not to anyone else.

  8. “I don’t like Fauci he paid for the development of the Covid-19 virus do I think he should be fired and lose his pension YES, do I think he’s criminal NO.”

    Fauci is highly probably complicit in genocide.

    He is just one of the perps behind all this, all rather ironically, it will be science which snares him in the end.

    How much more a criminal can you get?

  9. This is 100% Alex Jones tinfoil hat 7 WTC controlled demolition Sandy Hook was actors stuff.

  10. Alex Jones Tinfoil Hat…..

    Once again investigation of the FACTS show that the Press Lied, Investigation of the FACTS has shown again and again that NOT ONE CRIME can be pinned to Trump

    and once again YOU still insist that Trump colluded with Russians.

    He made a Joke the Russians have all of Hillary’s emails they should publish them… and in your hate filled mind that is collusion.

    You can’t debate hate.

    All you have is Hate. Not one shred of evidence of a crime, but Trumps GUILTY so says the Phantom…..

  11. Everything is a ” joke ”

    Even when he speculated about injecting Clorox to cure the ” flu ” that was going away in five minutes anyway that was a ” joke ” also.

    What a president.

  12. Hey skippy remember YESTERDAY you laughed at me “Investors”…..

    This is an “Investor” in Gain of Function…..

    Zuckerberg Group Funnels Six-Figures to Wuhan Lab Partner, Gain-of-Function Advocate.

    A slide from a Baric presentation on the matter also listed support from Gilead Sciences, the National Institutes for Health, and Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

    Dr. Fauci recently attempted to cover-up his relationship with Zuckerberg by telling MSNBC host Chuck Todd he had “no idea” what Senator Marsha Blackburn was getting at when discussing the pair’s leaked e-mails.

    There are GOOD & BAD reasons to invest in Gain of Function….. but investors they are,,,,

  13. This really isn’t your subject.

    May want to switch to how the Phillies will win the next Super Bowl.

    The Chinese state may well be guilty as charged, but the demonization of Fauci is just follow-the-Rand Paul conspiracy silliness.

  14. Ok Phantom. You see this is in my view you have zero credibility.

    This Really isn’t my subject…. ahh but it’s your right? You are capable of understanding things that I and millions of others will never understand.

    Maybe when that comes to insuring Business Deals it’s true and should be considering what you do, you have experience and learned tradecraft, but other than that you have very limited knowledge on ANY subject.

    You don’t even have the ability to debate a point, or in whatever State College you went to you weren’t taught Probability & Logic.

    If you were capable of reason and cogent thought you would actually make an argument against my points with points with points of your own. I know you have them, but you can’t bother to actually take the time to make them.

    You have been asked Multiple times to express your views and opinions as posts on these pages yet it never happens. It doesn’t not because you lack the ability to write, or lack a list of things you believe to be true about every event.

    Except here in the comments and absolutely never in a post do you post anything about what you believe in your heart to be true or why. When questioned about ANYTHING specific you deflect, and insult, but you never debate.

    I call myself The Troll except I don’t act like one, I am willing to debate with reason and be judged on the reasons I give. Where you on the other hand act exactly like an Internet Troll, you NEVER put why you believe what you believe and either try to convince others to believe the same or to defend your position. Instead you “Troll” That’s Alex Jones, This really isn’t your subject, or my personal favorite Hush….

    That is the textbook definition of a Troll.

    You can do better, and I really wish you would. It would help make things more balanced here, it would help create a variety of debate. You use the excuse you are too busy, yet like me you are here almost 24/7 365 and have been for 20yrs.

    Tom I respect you, and I like you. I consider you a valued opinion and point of you, but dude you have a streak of fear of exposing yourself to debate and criticism.

    Why? You are Intelligent, Successful and Respected criticism makes our arguments more sound. It even shows us sometimes that we may not have the only reasonable view.

    I am trying to draw more eyes to this site. You could help, well reasoned posts of what you believe and why on ANY subject would help.

    Step up to the plate… I need help, I’m not ashamed to say it or ask for it. However if this site becomes just a repository of my views and there is no one to discuss it I will continue for as long as I am alive.

    Debate is the key to civilization without it we are Apes.

  15. “This Really isn’t my subject…. ahh but it’s your right? You are capable of understanding things that I and millions of others will never understand.”

    “ You are Intelligent,”

    Hmmmm, that is seriously debatable.

  16. I have grave suspicions about whether this has been a leak from the lab. The Chinese have been secretive uncooperative and dishonest.

    But nothing has been proven. We may never know.

    The truth is way above all of our pay grades.

    It is noted that just about all the criticism of Fauci come from highly political right wingers, including from genuine kooks of many years, not from fellow scientists.

    These are still early days. Let’s see what we learn going forward.

  17. Did the coronavirus escape from a lab? The idea deserves a second look, scientists say

    Eighteen scientists from some of the world’s most prestigious research institutions are urging their colleagues to dig deeper into the origins of the coronavirus responsible for the global pandemic.

    But Relman and his co-authors said their colleagues who worked on the WHO investigation did not have access to enough information to draw these conclusions.

    “We’re reasonable scientists with expertise in relevant areas,” Relman said, “and we don’t see the data that says this must be of natural origin.”

    Ravindra Gupta, a professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Cambridge who signed the letter, said he would like to review lab notes from scientists working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a research center where coronaviruses are studied. He’d also like to see a list of viruses that have been used at the institute over a five-year period.


  18. And there is growing consensus among experts that the laboratory leak should be looked at more closely.
    Even the WHO’s own director-general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has called for a new investigation, saying: “All hypotheses remain open and require further study.”
    And Dr Fauci now says he’s “not convinced” the virus originated naturally. That’s a shift from a year ago, when he thought it most likely Covid had spread from animals to humans.


  19. If you look at my criticism of Fauci you will only find two types.

    !) his Flip Flops

    2) this cover up

    I believe everything he did he did in good faith, but when it went to shit he tried to hide it and where that may be criminal I do not believe there was criminal intent.

  20. It’s an engineered virus I do believe that is no longer a debate, so Harri either it leaked from the Lab which is frightfully more common than we think, or it was released intentionally.

    I do not believe it was intentional on the Chinese’s part.

  21. As a growing number of countries push for an independent investigation into the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, many scientists around the world are already trying to uncover when, where and how the new coronavirus got into people.

    Finding the source is important for preventing further reinfection, but scientists’ investigations — which include modelling, cell studies and animal experiments — are revealing how tricky pinpointing the source might be.

    “It is quite possible we won’t find it. In fact, it would be exceptionally lucky if we land on something,” says Lucy van Dorp, a geneticist from University College London (UCL).

    There is strong evidence that the virus originated in bats. The biggest mystery remains how it got from bats to people. Researchers overwhelmingly think that it’s a wild virus, which probably passed to people through an intermediate species. But no one has found the virus in the wild yet, so other explanations cannot be ruled out entirely.


    Try “Gain of Function”

  22. The net is closing in.

    Ex-CDC director Robert Redfield believes COVID leaked from Wuhan lab after being ‘taught and educated’ by scientists: Blasts Fauci for being like a dog with a bone over animal transmission theory and says WHO is ‘highly compromised’ by China
    Dr Robert Redfield, who was CDC director under the Trump administration, doubled down on his belief COVID leaked from Wuhan lab
    He thinks it escaped from the lab after being taught and educated by scientists
    Redfield said COVID-19’s ability to spread rapidly from human-to-human was unlike other coronaviruses such as SAR
    He said he didn’t believe it was ‘biologically plausible’ that COVID-19 could have spread from a bat to an unknown animal and then to human
    Redfield pointed to how other coronaviruses spread to humans from animals but that it occurred at a much slower pace than COVID-19
    He also said Dr Anthony Fauci was ‘holding on tightly’ to the theory that the virus evolved naturally
    Redfield slammed a ‘highly compromised’ World Health Organization for not cracking down on China at the start of the pandemic


    Chinese scientists created Covid-19 in a Wuhan lab and then tried to cover it up, an explosive new study has alleged.

    British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen are about to publish their research which claims to have found ‘unique fingerprints’ in virus samples which point to manipulation in a laboratory.

    The paper says scientists inside the lab were altering naturally-occurring viruses to make them more infectious in order to study their potential effects on humans.

    They say Covid-19 was created by splicing a natural coronavirus ‘backbone’ found in Chinese cave bats onto it a new ‘spike’ and it escaped via lower-security areas of the institute.

    Covid-19 was ‘made by Chinese scientists who tried to cover it up’, study claims

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