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Britain and Australia announced a free trade deal on Tuesday which the British government hailed as an important step in building new trade relationships following its departure from the European Union […]

The deal is the first bilateral trade accord Britain has negotiated from scratch since leaving the EU last year. The government sees it as an important piece of its post-Brexit strategy to shift Britain’s economic centre away from Europe and seek new opportunities in higher-growth Indo-Pacific nations […]

“I think this is important economically, there’s no question about that … but I think it’s more important politically and symbolically,” Johnson said. “We’re opening up to each other and this is the prelude to a general campaign of opening up around the world.”

Just as Brexit was as much cultural as economic, so was the original decision to join the then European Economic Community. With no authority or authorisation, the British people were yanked from the Anglosphere and plunged into the Continental world. It was a hurtful decision to our friends and cousins throughout Empire who took it as a rejection. As we turned inward to am ever more parochial political Europe, we inevitably turned away from our historic and eternal friendships and alliances.

Thankfully we have wronged that right. It’s good to be back where we belong.

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12 thoughts on “IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK

  1. LOL you think a free trade agreement with minor economy half a world away is going to pull your bacon out of the fire, I admire your optimism

  2. This is the first of many such agreements, and it looks like a win for both nations.

    And yes, it will be good for the UK to be able to negotiate directly with its friends in the US, Canada and New Zealand as well. Hopefully in a few years, good agreements will be in place there as well.

    None of this should be taken in an anti EU spirit. Forget that stuff.

  3. Sorry Phantom I am not really shitting on the UK but they are now negotiating everything from a weak position. they are a relatively small market with little attraction to most major economies and Australia has relatively small amount of trade with the UK because of the geographic distance. with shipping costs added there is little reason to trade with each other

  4. Well…

    The UK is somewhat in the same position as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan…or Canada,

    They’re not a member of a bloc, by choice…but they have a free hand to to make arrangements as they like with the world

    And the US has great trade relations with all of them ( the four year reality star error notwithstanding )

    The British business community is very outward looking. They just might do OK. There’s no good reason why we shouldn’t all wish them success.

  5. I guess Canada is in a bloc ( Nafta 2 ) but that’s quite the different arrangement than the EU..

    They have the sovereign right to deals with other nations and Nafta 2 has minimal political dimensions

  6. Great result for “Global Britain”. This trade deal will increase our GDP by 0.02% within less than fifteen years. And a bottle of Aussie wine will be 30p cheaper. Way to go Boris!

  7. There seems to be a thought that Australia is the only nation that the UK will strike a deal with.

    The world is bigger than that.

  8. Yes, the Australia deal itself means nothing in trade terms. But it is a template for other deals (New Zealand next) and a gatewaty to the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP):

    “International Trade Secretary Liz Truss will speak to ministers in Japan and New Zealand on Monday morning (1 February 2021) to request to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), with formal negotiations set to start this year. The announcement comes as the UK today celebrates one year since leaving the EU and becoming an independent trading nation. Joining the CPTPP would deepen the UK’s access to fast-growing markets and major economies, including Mexico, Malaysia and Vietnam, for the benefit of UK business…”


  9. TPP could be very good for the UK

    The leaderless at the time US were idiots for getting out of it, it would be good for Biden to put TPP back on the table

  10. TPP could be very good for the UK

    Maybe, but’s its members are thousands of miles away and distance matters in trade. France is 22 miles away from England but some Brexiter fantasists really think that EU trade will be replaced with trade to the far side of the planet. They were seriously disappointed when the no-tariff deal with the EU was signed in December.

  11. Nothing can replace the EU, but there are opportunities and friends in all directions to do business with.

    Americans for one love doing business in the UK, where their rights are respected etc .

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