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The plastic paddy has long mocked Catholicism with his views on abortion. American Bishops are finally calling him out.

Roman Catholic bishops in the US have voted to press ahead with moves that could result in Joe Biden being banned from receiving communion because of his stance on abortion, and that risks increasing tensions in a divided church.

(Note The Guardian’s propaganda, which apes the BBC: anything conservative increases tensions and risks division. This is not news reporting. It is standard left wing spin.)

The Catholic Church is quite clear. “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception”. Abortion, therefore, is a grave offence. Joe Biden must be denied communion. He is a heretic. I would urge the clergy to close their doors to him completely while he retains his anti-Catholic views.

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One thought on “BIDEN IS NO CATHOLIC

  1. Biden should politely encourage the bishops to bring it on. Unlike Iran, the US is not a theocracy, much as the Southern Baptists wish it was.

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