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Hunter Biden still appears to hold an ownership stake in a Chinese government-linked investment firm despite repeated pledges from President Joe Biden that his family would not have any foreign business ties.

The troubled son of Joe Biden still holds a 10% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, according to Chinese business records. Hunter Biden has reportedly been under criminal investigation as far back as 2018 as federal authorities scrutinize his taxes and potentially his foreign business dealings, and the 51-year-old’s financial transactions with China might be at the forefront.

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20 thoughts on “The Family Business….. Graft.

  1. He’s done awfully well for a dysfunctional crackhead. Wherever he goes foreign oligarchs and politicians want to throw money at him.

    Such people only do so if they expect a return.

  2. All the criticism of Hunter Biden and of his indulgent father is 100% justified.

  3. It’s not just the Bidens John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi’s kid have been involved in several of Hunters “Projects”.

    This is one of the ways our Political Class get their bribe money.

  4. Yet you have not one word of criticism at any time for those like Trump who openly bought political influence via campaign contributions.

    It’s not me saying that he did it – he said that he did it.

    He was part of the system for his entire business life, as was his father, who was a big developer of government funded housing in NYC.

  5. Yet you have not one word of criticism at any time for those like Trump who openly bought political influence via campaign contributions.

    Phantom search through the last 20 years of comments and you will find a repeated theme from on political contributions…..

    1) No Limits
    2) Instant PUBLIC disclosure
    3) No PACs

    I don’t care who gives what as long as we the people know…. right now everything is hidden.

  6. All the Trumps and Sheldon Adelsons would leap to support your legalized corruption plan.

    A plan that would solve none of the systemic problems.

    I note that you selectively criticize the recipients of graft, while selectively not criticizing donors of graft.

  7. Sure it would.

    Right now we have no idea who owns these politicians. If there were no PACS, no limits, and instant public reporting of all donations we would know who is giving who what and the question of Why can be asked.

    The donors want something what is there to question?

  8. Sheldon Adelson, the polluters, and AIPAC owned Donald Trump.

    The labor unions and trial lawsuit industry own the Democrats.

    That should solve some of your confusion on the matter.

  9. I have no confusion on the matter and neither do you….. can you say that about 8 out of 10 others?

  10. The Family Business….. Graft.


    I thought you said you would be ignoring the Trumps for a while?

  11. lol…..

    Peter do you think the Biden family could survive the 4 years of investigations into their finances that the Trumps did?

    I highly doubt it.

  12. Patrick

    Trump’s hotels charged the Secret Service $700 per night per room to protect him. So every night away from Washington he was making money. And in four years he stayed hundreds of nights in his own resorts. That looks like an open goal in soccer parlance. As in an open goal for graft.

    And let’s not mention the thousands of Trump hotel room nights paid for by GOP members and lobbyists. Including foreign governments. Especially in his Washington DC hotel a mile away from the White House.

    Nothing to see here, please move along.

  13. Recall how he tried to get the G7 to meet at his own Florida hotel, and how his UK ambassador sought to have the British Open golf at a Trump golf course in Scotland.

    Recall how he sent taxpayers a bill for water served to himself at Mar a Lago

    Always recall everything that the thief did

  14. Peter

    tell me do you think Trump industries made more money with him as President or less?

  15. What did he do with his Salary?

    How much is Biden worth, and what’s he doing with his salary?

    Gentleman the horse you are trying to ride can’t run…..

  16. how is it corruption?

    If those transactions were illegal in any way do you believe they wouldn’t have convicted him of them?

  17. Yes it’s very ethical for a US president to steer government custom to his own family business

    I forgot

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