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if all clear, move slowly off…

By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2009


I wonder why the Independent Police Complaints Commission is being asked to waste it’s valuable time on this sort of thing, when they obviously have much more pressing concerns to worry about.

As for the death of the driver, my judgement is quite simple, it wasn’t tragic, it was just another young clown getting exactly what he deserved before he actually killed someone else.

Let’s see how many fools put flowers around that particular road junction!

5 Responses to “if all clear, move slowly off…”

  1. Surely it’s occurred even to you that it was not just the driver’s life placed in danger by the chase.

  2. "It was just another young clown getting exactly what he deserved before he actually killed someone else"

    Perhaps you’d like to see paramilitary punishment beatings and kneecappings exported from NI to Manchester Mike?

    As to the actual crash itself, What do you expect when you call your son Rambo?

  3. I’m afraid if you play with fire you’ll get burned eventually get burned, at least nobody innocent got hurt, unfortunately it’s not always the case.

  4. It’s a no-win situation for the police, here.

    Certainly, they were right to give chase to this poor pathetic fool, and it’s not the police’s fault that he died. I question the parents, if anything. Still, it’s a tragic waste of life, and I’m really sad that the poor stupid kid died. I’m in my 40’s now, and I hate to read about the death of a teenager, no matter how foolish he was. Today’s teens are our future.

  5. The real tragedy is that if they had caught the scrote, he would have had his wrist slapped and be set free to endanger his community yet again, with the likelyhood that next time he would kill a child, or some unsuspecting innocent.

    The tragedy is the lenient punishments being handed down by what we euphemistically call our justice system.

    The justice system should make up its mind as to just what the agenda really is – punishment or rehabilitation, – are they upholders and enforcers of the law, or just another bunch of welfare ‘workers?’