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Hungary “has no business being in the European Union any more”, according to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, in a fresh rebuke to Prime Minister Viktor Orban over new anti-LGBT legislation.

Arriving for an EU leaders’ summit, Mr Orban insisted his country’s law had nothing to do with gay rights.

But Mr Rutte’s comments are a measure of widespread frustration with Hungary.

He said he was aware he could not push Hungary out of the EU by himself, so it had to be done step by step.

“The long-term aim is to bring Hungary to its knees on this issue,” he said.

It used to be that the EU had its competences and national parliaments had the rest. It appears that the EU-wallahs now demand that all values fall into line too. Whatever their fashionable fancies, everyone else must follow. Maybe Viktor Orban should ask these famously legalistic people by what authority they make sucj demands, then tell them to get stuffed when they come up empty handed.

Five years ago today we woke up to the news that we had decided to leave this rotten thing. In great part it was prompted by EU overreach. They remain as overbearing as ever.

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One thought on “THE EU NEVER LEARNS

  1. “They remain as overbearing as ever.”

    Those EU empire builders are even more fanatical now, more than ever.

    There is now, no one to stop them.

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