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We were told one jab would do the job.

Then we were told two jabs would do the job.

Now they suggest you may need a third jab.

And that’s before we discuss the FLU!

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3 thoughts on “The THIRD jab is coming – beware!

  1. Personally, I don’t care how many jabs I get, what with two flu jabs a year, and the ongoing jabs for the Chinese virus, I am starting to resemble a pin cushion, what i do care about, is what inevitably comes next.

    QR-coded mass human surveillance vaccine passports.

    I can understand showing a vaccine passport to go abroad, no biggy, but not to enter Tesco’s to buy a pint of milk.

  2. The incredible torrent of Covid, mask, and vaccine skepticism here is remarkable.

    Apparently the scientists are wrong, the government officials are all wicked, and the truth has only been revealed to a few bloggers and AM talk radio screamers.

    Why ” beware ” advances in medicine?

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