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The Site is up and running….. Let the Games Begin.

For anyone looking for Friday Night Jukebox it’s at the Bottom of the site with DJs Pete & Pat spinning not the Hit’s but The Music worth Hearing…..

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7 thoughts on “Time to get back to work

  1. Paddy.

    Are all the Barbers closed where you live?

    They definitely need to get back to work.

    In that image, you resemble Santa Claus and the Terminator?

    No offence.


  2. Nothing is cheaper this year compared to last. Federal Reserve inflation has made sure of that.

  3. Yes the inflation is so horrible

    I just bought Bosc pears and peaches for 99 cents a pound. Corn five ears for $2.

    There was a great deal of talk about the big rise in lumber prices here, A rise caused by The fact that economic activity and construction projects had increased, at a time when some of the sawmill’s were still not fully opened after the pandemic. In the past two weeks, the price of lumber has fallen significantly

    The price of gasoline/ petrol had gone up, partly as Again the result of more people driving, and also the Closing of the pipeline on the east coast. The price of gas is way less than it was in 2013 2014. And it’s only a small bit higher than it was during the peak under the Trump administration

    New and used car prices are high, Due to both pent-up demand, and a major worldwide shortage of computer chips

    There are Covid related supply chain issues in China and worldwide that are problematic

    The US economy is in a recovery phase, And any US inflation may be very short term in nature.

  4. It’s too early to say that inflation is back. But we should have a much clearer picture by December and I’m not optimistic. Too many indicators are pointing that way, eg. oil prices. And of course all that pent up demand from the forced savings in the past 15 months. In the UK that’s about £150 billion. Not all of it will be spent of course, but even half of it would be a big boost to demand and prices would inevitably rise.

    The Fed and the Bank of England are conflicted about inflation. On the one hand it would help to reduce the real value of the huge government debt taken on since the start of the pandemic. But on the other it could lead to higher interest rates with catastrophic consequences for government finances. Servicing all that new debt and raising further debt could get a lot more expensive very soon.

  5. Phantom the entire economy has been hit with double digit inflation and it is entirely due to the price of gas….. which did not rise because too many are people are driving.

    It went up because we went from the Largest Producer of Oil and Gas in the world to being dependent on foreign imports all with the swipe of a Pen on Joe’s very first day….

    and it has only just begun…

  6. You need to throw a hammer through your TV screen, and smash your radio too because Fox News and the great one are lying to you yet again

    Biden has had zero impact on the price of gasoline. Zero.

    His actions will play a big role in the price of gas five years from now, but not today

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