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A 60-year-old man has died after being stabbed in a “random and unprovoked assault” in central London.

The victim was found injured following the incident in Oxford Circus, near to Regent Street, at around 8pm on Thursday and died in hospital.

A 25-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon.

A random attack, right in the middle of town, by one the many thousands who carry knives every day in London alone. Western cities are plainly sinking before our eyes, taken over by ferals without fathers.

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29 thoughts on “GET OUT OF THE CITIES

  1. Just the thought of even visiting London these days (I have family members unfortunately living in London) makes my skin crawl.

    The thought of living in any city these days is enough to make one shudder.

    And this is from an ex-council estate urchin, who was born, bought up, and lived for many years on what was once described in the national newspapers, as the “roughest estate in Bedfordshire “.

    Going by what is going on in some areas of London which now makes Downtown Mogadishu seem pleasant, it can now be described as heaven.

  2. You have laws against carrying knives about. I’d like to know how much enforcement there is. Or the means and methods of enforcement. No stop and frisk I’ll bet

    Charging somebody with carrying a knife after they’ve stabbed somebody doesn’t count as anything.


    1. I remember in a blaze of glory, the headlines from the Blair days, “anyone carrying a knife, will get up to five years in prison”

      Of course, it was all bullshit.

      100’s of dead children and young adults later.

      It is still bullshit.

  3. PVR – I’ll do that job tomorrow.

    Harri –

    Me too. I’m from East London. I make Ray Winstone sound posh. You couldn’t pay me to live in London again. I’ll always be a London boy and have that sensibility from where and when I grew up, but it baffles me why people still live in cities. I look out the front and see fields and trees on the horizon. I look out the back and see my garden, an orchard and a farmhouse in the distance. They can keep their modern country, I’m happy here.

  4. If this had happened in an estate in Saf London or East London it would not have got any publicity. It’s the location of the crime that has given this story prominence. Sad but true.

  5. How are the police supposed to know who is carrying a knife?

    What exact steps should they be taking

  6. Phantom –

    (I’m not sure if I like the direct reply under a comment or a reply further down the thread, like this. We’ll see.)

    Stop and search, as it’s called here, does exist but the police are treading on eggshells. There’s an army of lawyers, lefty politicians and agitators always looking to get a copper investigated and sacked. They don’t care that the overwhelming victims of knife crime are young black men. They don’t care that the police do go to great lengths to be fair and conduct searches when justified. They are scum grievance farmers.

    1. It shouldn’t even matter that the majority of victims are black young men, some of whom are probably gangbanger drug dealers. The world might be a better place if all the drug dealers got stabbed

      The relevant fact should be the makeup of the majority of the stabbers.

      Profiling has become a dirty word, unfairly so. Every good cop, every great detective, profiles every day on the job.

      Are the stabbers men or women? Act accordingly.

      Are the stabbers black or white? Where do they live?

      This is a solvable problem, if people wish to solve it. Including the phony community activists, and grievance industry

    2. Why is the crime rate escalating in New York?

      And just who is committing all this crime?

      Don’t be shy.

      1. A great number of murders here are committed by black males, Including garbage who are members of gangs

        I’m never shy

  7. Phantom –

    As always now, 99 per cent are in favour of something (in this case profiling) but it’s the noisy fringe which makes the impact. “Majority opinion” has always been irrelevent. Just a few per cent can cower and take over a nation. The left has always known this.

  8. The Tories have been in power since 2010. They have cut police numbers in London by 20% as part of their austerity drive. In the USA this would be called defunding the police. So the Tories own this crisis, it has **** all to do with the left.

  9. Immigrant children raised without fathers, without morals, without education, without respect for life but loaded with resentment has everything to do with the left.

  10. New York City had a crime wave in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was solved by smarter policing and by more policing. Phantom will confirm that police numbers in NYC were significantly increased by Giuliani and Bloomberg and crime rates dropped significantly.

    London needs more police and smarter policing. The Tories need to restore the cuts immediately.

    1. Giuliani promised to break the back of crime quickly and he did just that, aided by Bratton.. Bloomberg built on that.

      Giuliani Hired more cops, and he allowed them to do their work, scientific work aided by Jack Maple’s Compstat

      De Blasio reversed some of Giuliani’s methods, and he has not had the back of the cops, which has allowed crime to spike back up

      It’s still a long way from all time highs, but it’s much more than it should be

      But yes, London and England absolutely needs a Giuliani or a Bratton

      I made a major post here years ago that Bill Brattin would have agreed to be the head of the Metropolitan police, but Teresa May turned him down. Didn’t need no damn outsiders there

  11. Yes, the current Metropolitan Police Head is a useless time-server. A report last month into a police corruption murder in the 1980s (!) slammed her force for persistent obstruction which resulted in an investigation that began in 2013 could only report in 2021. But she brazenly brushed off the criticism and remains in post. She should be sacked by the Home Secretary but I’m not holding my breath. This government sets a much higher store on political loyalty than on competence.

  12. “Nut she brazenly brushed off the criticism and remains in post.”

    Of course she does. She’s a lesbian. She’s protected. But this is a million miles beyond that. Any society which does not put marriage and motherhood on a pedestal is doomed. Any society which does not shame pregnancy out of wedlock is doomed. Any society which encourages women to be tax units instead of wives and mothers is doomed.

    Tinkering with police numbers is far fringe stuff while the bedrock of civilisation has eroded.

  13. Pete

    I see that you’re in full Daily Mail mode tonight. But you cannot deny that cutting police numbers by 20% will always result in more crime. Police on the streets are a visible deterrent.

  14. No, I don’t agree that police numbers have been cut by 20 per cent and I don’t think that fewer police must result in more crime anyway. You may need police to prevent you from commiting crime but you shouldn’t project your failings onto others. I can live my life without stabbing others.

    If the Daily Mail agrees with me that the cultural defeat of conservative values is a catastrophe for Western Civilisation, and therefore for all of humanity, then the Daily Mail is right.

  15. In the short tem there needs to be more police and smarter policing. Big data can be used to target crime areas and crime gangs.

    Oh, and cannibis should be de-criminalised and regulated. But the nanny state Daily Mail will never go along with that and so neither will this Tory government.

  16. Yes I completely agree that cannabis and perhaps other things should be legalized and regulated

    Prohibition has failed

    Legalizing It would take a huge burden away from your police and prisons, while defunding the gangs. I see no downside and an immense upside

  17. There is no reason for pot not to be legal just as alcohol. Heroin, Meth, any street made narcotic can never be legal and will always exist. Mankinds history has proven that there will always be a market for opium it and alcohol have existed with mankind since we crawled from the ooze.

    Police forces need to be supported. They are not the problem. The problem is the courts. If someone murders someone they should never see another day of freedom, My belief is the Death Penalty, but behind bars until you are carried out is just fine.

    You end crime with weapons one way and one way only. Mandatory Sentencing.

    Commit a crime with a weapon 5yrs no parole first offense, 10yrs second offense, 3rd time Life.

    Crimes committed with weapons would be eliminated within the first 5yrs.

    We have this Law on the Books, they are Federal and can be used in Every State. The Politicians refuse to allow the existing Law to be enforced because it’s RACIST…..

    If you don’t punish crime it increases as the numbers for the last year prove without exception.

  18. Talking about crime…

    Trump has confirmed he is running for 2024. He probably figures it’s his best chance to stay outa jail and that’s why he is declaring now. But ex-presidents don’t have immunity so he could be facing a tough couple of years. He can no longer offer pardons to potential rats like he did with Manafort and Stone and it would be ironic if his accountant brings him down. Just like Capone. And then there’s Crooked Rudy to worry about. Jeez, if he rats ….

  19. Cities have their problems But very many people, especially young people, including recent college grads from the suburbs, really want to live in them.

    In New York City recently, there has been a marked upturn in rentals and condo purchases in Manhattan. Even when office work is being done remotely, young people very much want to live in the center City.

  20. Both my daughters would, and I’m sure eventually will live in a City NY or Philly. Given my druthers so would I, either one.

    There is nothing like it and I miss it deeply…. It’s breath depth joy and sorrow are a sweet wine accompanied by a never ending rhythm that just invigorates…. a city at night is a wonderland.

  21. Peter they just poured over ten years of tax records with a microscope for 4 months and all the got was an indictment they got was his cfo didn’t report his company car and company apartment correctly….. even after trying to blackmail the cfo’s son and ex-wife…

    yeah Trump’s gonna get life.

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