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Some Covid measures should be kept in place in England beyond 19 July – when all legal restrictions are due to be lifted, a doctors’ union says. The British Medical Association is calling for the continued use of face masks and new ventilation standards. It says it is crucial to protect the NHS, health and education amid what it says is an alarming rise in cases.


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4 thoughts on “The B.M.A demands we keep wearing masks! Enough.

  1. Two weeks ago, walking around Tesco’s, I was halfway round when I realised for the first time I had completely forgotten to wear a mask, no one appeared on this occasion to care to be honest. I assume it’s simply all wearing a bit thin now?

    I did apologise at the checkout, the lady simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

    The only reason I personally wear one is to stop those of an already nervous disposition, becoming even more of a nervous wreck.

      1. Ged.

        Phantom might just have fainted?


        My wife is a Scrub Nurse, she is employed by several General Surgeons.

        “Wearing a surgical mask made of cotton expecting it to stop, or even slow down a pathogen virus, so small it can only be detected by an Electron Scanner, or Chemical Analysis, is like erecting a barbed wire fence around the garden believing it will stop mosquitoes.”

        You might as well be wearing a sieve on your face.

      2. Ged.

        As I said previously, I wear one, a) at work, because health & safety in the modern day workplace is already a mental-illness, this Chinese barely existent virus has simply sent the already as mad as a box of frogs Health & Safety loons even madder, and b) I simply feel the need to wear one around Tesco’s or the local Co-op, as not to make those of a nervous disposition, even more scared of their own shadows.

        In reality, you might as well wear a chain link fence on your face.

        Medical professionals, particularly those who work on Covid wards, have to, twice a week have specially fitted air-fed, air tight masks fitted by specialists, why don’t they simply just wear surgical masks made of cotton?


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