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This is correct, from Guido. Many of us did foresee rising wages when we voted to reclaim our birthrights. It is now happening across many industries. The CBI and other vested interests are squawking that firms are – quelle horreur – having to raise wages. They and many Remainers are feeling quite sick at the working classes earning a bit more, and that their domestics aren’t quite so cheap now. Tough.

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3 thoughts on “WE’RE IN THE MONEY …

  1. wait till they finally let the economy free and this germ nonsense is put back into a realistic perspective.

    The whole world is only operating at best 40% of production… self inflicted by government twits around the globe. It will be a good year before anyone’s economy is going to be able to know how well it will recover.

    Right now a tic looks great…. but we’ve lost over a year IN EVERYTHING. The effect’s of a lost year of production will show up in weird places. The first has been microchips, and that is causing a nice set of ripples in the pond of production.
    Anyone who says we are doing anything good bad don’t matter is talking shit…. we’ve never been here before and it ain’t over yet… almost but not quite.
    No one knows how each nation is going to recover.

  2. Of course it’s good news that wages are rising after twenty years of stagnation and I have always argued that the endless supply of labour from Eastern Europe after 2005 was a big reason for that. To their total shame, many on the left argued against that and derided it as xenophobia. Well **** them, I’m not expecting they will admit they were wrong.

    But as the Chinese saying goes, you should be careful what you wish for. It would be a shame to see these wage rises wiped out by inflation, because we are heading for 5% in the UK before the end of this year. Oil prices are surging and that’s usually a harbinger, but there are also many supply bottlenecks and labour is one of them in a lot of industries

  3. “The referendum was won by 17,410,742 Britons who refused to be intimidated, insulted, ridiculed or patronised by the Conservatives, Labour, the LibDems, the SNP, Plaid Cymry, the SDLP, the Greens, the Trade Unions, the BBC, the Bank of England, the Treasury, the CBI, the IMF, the President of the United States of America, all 27 of our EU ‘friends’, 300 ‘leading’ historians, 78% of scientists, 77% of lawyers, 80% of business leaders, 72% of economists, the banks, the bishops, most celebrities and Eddie fucking Izzard”

    Never gets tiring.

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