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A recent poll shows popular support for continued mask wearing even AFTER Covid, for the closure of nightclubs and casinos, and for a 10pm Curfew.

What have we become?

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2 thoughts on “Covid triggers fascist British mindset

  1. Yes David, I read this with disbelief. Lockdowns have encouraged the Little Hitlers big time for sure. Ian Dunt has a good take on it here:

    “Genuinely disturbing findings in the latest Ipsos MORI survey. It found that many Brits support anti-covid restrictions permanently. Thirty-five per cent support indefinitely maintaining the 10-day quarantine when returning from abroad. The same number want contact-tracing check-in at a restaurant to last forever. Twenty-six per cent want nightclubs and casinos to stay closed forever. And 19% want night-time curfews at 10pm. …

    Clearly the lockdowns have made an authoritarian minority in Britain more confident and enthusiastic. You can’t imagine a quarter of the population saying that nightclubs should be closed in the Before Times. Now apparently it is socially acceptable to express an opinion that wouldn’t be out of place in a totalitarian state…

    And we can see a similar process with policing. The fact that protests were arguably illegal during the lockdown certainly helped Priti Patel move to silence them altogether with the policing bill. Just as people would have been wary of proposing a nighttime curfew in 2019, it would have been harder to suggest silencing demonstrations. But once something becomes the default, it does not seem so extreme to suggest it should continue. ..”

    Week in Review: A little bit of us might always be in lockdown

  2. Ipsos Mori haven’t given a breakdown of the political loyalties of those supporting the most draconian measures, eg. permanently closing nightclubs and keeping masks on public transport and a 10 pm curfew. But I would hazard a guess that age has much more to do with it than politics. The older age groups are generally much more fearful and tend to be more authoritarian (we used to call it reactionary) and less liberal in their general outlook. If you never go out after 6 pm and are never going to, it’s easy to support curfews and nightclub closures. Especially if you read the Daily Express.

    Here is a link to the poll:

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