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Over the past 20 years or so we have had the climate alarmist pushing the “Fact” that man is destroying the plant. Well, is this true or is this a control thing being pushed by the alarmist?

When you hear from the alarmist that everything is going to hell in a hand cart, they will often say it’s been the Hottest, coldest, wettest, driest, more wildfires, more tornado’s, more hurricanes, ect what they mean is from a date they have picked. The next question is why did they pick that date?

Firstly, they will say from, then “insert date” or “on record”, so what do they mean on record again this is based on a date they have picked to prove their point. But does not include ALL data. It’s selective.

The fundamental case is it is all down to Co2, they very stuff that gives life to all living things on the planet. This throws up a question WHY? If we look at the % of Co2 in the atmosphere its around 0.4%, with most of the atmosphere being made up of water 95%. So, why Co2? Because Co2 is a direct result of all things man made. If you want one thing, one element to try to blame for whatever then Co2 is the element. If you want to cattail anything people do, drive a car, use any form of energy then if you blame all evil on Co2 then that is the gotcha element.

Back to the main point of this article, the Hottest, Coldest, Wettest ect is it true?

A Climate Alarmist will say it’s been the hottest since “inset Date”.

My final point before showing any data will be if and when climate alarmist are give data that they disagree and one of the first things they will say is “That’s Been Debunked” or the source of the Data is propped up by Coal or Oil companies, they never take the data just give out slurs. Yet I am using the very same data set they are.

The data below is taken from the very same sources as the alarmist use but with the completed data set not just a selective set of data to prove a point. One other common phrase that is used is “scientist say”, the vast majority of these so called scientist are not ever climate scientists they are modellers nothing more, an old saying is if you make a model to prove your point it will always prove your point because you feed it with data to prove your point, or to cut it short “garbage data in garbage data out”

(Same Data Set)



Climate Alarmist chart (Temperature Data) Reported

Complete Data (Un Reported & un-Tempered)

The 19, 30’s was the hottest decade till they start to play with the data. Cool the past to warm the future!

In this chart below you can see overlayed both the measured & reported temps Jan-May from 1920-2020 (Reported in Pink Measured in Red)

NOAA are tempering with the data to make it appear we are having a warming tend but in fact we are having a cooling trend.

Before someone ask WHY are they doing this, MONEY you only get Government money if you support the Climate Change agenda.

End or Part 1

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