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At least 430 migrants crossed the English Channel to the UK on Monday – a new record for a single day – the Home Office has said. So far this year, 8000 known illegals have come across the Channel, but how many others have also come here.

Let’s face it – this Government has no interest in stopping illegal migration.

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8 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast Britain’s southern border is wide open!

  1. A proper government would be working to destroy the organizations that arrange this human trafficking, organizations which should include known figures in your own country.

  2. what about the ones in our country those organizations are headed by Joe Biden and the DNC.

  3. Hundreds more today arrived on the British Kent beaches fleeing war-torn France and mainland Europe.

    I can’t say I blame them.

  4. can’t blame anyone fleeing disastrous countries anywhere in the world, but sorry you don’t get a free pass to come here or GB…. enter through the proper channels or we need to ship their asses out… of course the idiots we have in office are doing the opposit.

  5. It’s obvious that the only solution is to have a policy of shoot on sight. This may sound extreme, but I’d be surprised itf it wasn’t supported by at least 20% of the UK population. Watch out for it to become part of the Overton window in the next few months, especially if the numbers continue to escalate. I can easily envisage Priti Patel announcing it and a torrent of support from the Tory newspapers, as well as a few hereabouts. Anyone who opposes it will be accused of siding with Britain’s enemies.

  6. Nigel Farage is now the main front presenter on GB News which means that the new channel has clearly changed policy in the direction of becoming a British version of Fox News. He’s the one to watch on this issue, the equivalent of Tucker Carlson. It would not be in the least surprising if he edges towards advocating a shooting policy “as a last resort to defend our island” in the next few weeks. And where he leads the Tories will follow, as was the case with Brexit. It could be official policy by the end of this year, and it would be a lot more popular than many people imagine. Watch this space.

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