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We have without a doubt put a man whose elevator get’s stuck between floors in the White House. Just today as he was stabbing the American people in the back he the “Idiot, Stumbling Biden Refers to German Chancellor as “2nd Largest… Serving Chancellor” of Germany” as he stuters his way barely cogent through the 3×5 cards he’s reading. It’s an embarrassment. But hey the Germans get their Pipeline while our Pipeline workers all got pink slips… both the Gift’s of Uncle Joe.

Sorry that’s embarrassing, Biden when he was at his best still managed to be on the wrong side of every major issue in his 47yrs of service. Fumbling Joe however is NOT the problem. The Problem resides in the House and the Senate who with no mandate and the slimmest margins of any Congress in American History they are ramming through programs to change the very structures of the country and they have less than 18 months to get it done.

Ask yourself where is the Bipartisan “Peoples Bill” blown up by the dems refusing to commit on paper what is really in it. They forced a vote to pass it today without the Bill even being written. When the Republicans voted down the Invisible Bill so the Democrats blamed them for a Failure of Bipartisanship and will now just pass a $1.2 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Bill with ZERO INPUT from Republicans on any of it… period. Just like they did with Obamacare.

They are causing decades of damage.

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25 thoughts on “We have an idiot for President, but that’s not the worst of it…

  1. The Democratic Party won the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Of course they have a mandate.

    1. no they don’t…. A stolen Presidency, a Tie in the Senate and a 5 seat majority in the House is not a mandate.

      By the very nature of what a mandate is which here in the real world is an overwhelming victory… a tie and 5 seats don’t cut it….

  2. That’s dupe talk.

    There was no ” stolen presidency ”

    There was nothing remotely close to it, in any state, for reasons gone over a million times.

    If you want to believe the Big Lie, why not go all the way and become a 9/11 Truther as well. Those clowns are still around, and they’ll be happy to take you down your remaining steps to being a full time conspiracy guy.

    A mentally unstable president who didn’t lead on the virus was fired for cause by the people. It’s amazing that he got as many votes as he did.

  3. The evidence show’s the election was stolen you can live in denial all you want it’s your choice Phantom.
    Every audit is proving it…. but it doesn’t matter Biden is President I accept that. If you want to believe a Presidential Election can’t be stolen dig up Nixon, him and I will sell you Bridge not far from you….
    A 5 seat majority in the house is not a Mandate on anything except PANIC for the dems.
    If you want to call me a conspiracy guy go for it skippy. I put what I believe up here everyday, and post it around the world under my own name. You don’t have the balls to even write posts about what you believe or use your real name “cause they’ll get you….” you’re the conspiracy freak.

  4. No ” audit ” has proven a thing.

    You guys believe every last word that the Prince of Lies says, never questioning anything, as guided by Garbage radio and TV.

    Believing in a lie doesn’t make it true. Many have a genuine belief in 9/11 Truther Tales, and in Ping Pong Pizza Torture Dungeons run by Hillary Clinton ( Lock her up ) . There’s as much evidence of Stolen Election as there is of that stuff.

  5. The audit’s aren’t done and so far they have discovered enough fraudulent votes to change both Ga & La.
    The GOOD radio and TV you watched, listen to, and read and you personally said Trump was a crook and a Russian collaborator, yet with 4years of Investigation not one crime or act of collusion was ever found. Yet to you they were right both then and now.
    If that’s what you consider good reporting nothing else need be said… the Facts are not something you can accept…
    You’re the dupe and conspiracy freak Phantom and a person living in Denial.
    You can’t even be honest here. You accuse me of things I never supported…. No Pizzagate or Torture. When you have to lie to try and make a point you don’t do your credibility any good.

    1. “The audit’s aren’t done and so far they have discovered enough fraudulent votes to change both Ga & La.”

      No they haven’t

      If they had you could provide a link to the evidence they produced.

  6. No one said that you believed in the Ping Pong Pizza or 9/11 yarns. I said that those idiots were sincere in their belief in nonsense as you are sincere in believing things just as false.

    And hate tell you, Trump did win Louisiana. You want to give that state to Biden now. Holy God are you guys confused

  7. I meant Az….

    Phantom. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…. simply put Oakum’s Razor…. the most obvious is usually true.

    Both the circumstantial and the physical evidence points to a stolen election….
    Do you hear me calling for Biden to be removed, or any such nonsense?…. NO.
    The only way the election could have been changed after the counts were delivered is by the Supreme Court and they made it clear from the beginning they weren’t going to do that. That however does not mean Biden won, it means he was the one who got to take the Oath and IS the President of the United States..
    Now we can disagree about the legitimacy of the vote, but not the legitimacy of Biden’s Presidency.
    I’d even go as far as saying that if they prove without any doubt to the point that even you and nancy pelosi say yep Trump won, Biden is still President and shall and should remain in office until the next election unless of course he drops dead and then it would be Harris until the next vote.
    To deny a Presidential election can be stolen flies in the face of reality and history.
    Calling me a conspiracy nut is not just laughable, but insulting. I have NEVER supported conspiracies. I do have a fetish for unanswered questions raised by evidence. There is evidence here, but the only purpose it serves is where the system needs to be corrected.
    This started over FO’s comment that Biden has a mandate, a tied Senate, and a 5 seat majority in the House as a result of Biden’s “win” is no mandate, just the opposite. It’s called control by the skin of their teeth.

    1. “Both the circumstantial and the physical evidence points to a stolen election”

      No it doesn’t.

      If it did you could point to the evidence and explain why it points to a stolen election.

      Your guy lost and you are still annoyed about it.

      1. FO…. look if you buy that god bless ya…. but I suggest you read more than whatever you are reading because you are in a bubble…..

  8. The election was not stolen. That lie needs to be callled out every time. The truth is that the Trumpist Cult GOP no longer accepts election results if they lose. It really is that simple.
    And whatever you claim about Biden, at least he’s not a Putin sock-puppet traitor like Trump was and is. Trump’s treason at the Helsinki summit should haunt him for the rest of his days.
    And of course it’s fun to watch the January Capitol rioters become GOP PATRIOTS as the days go by. On 6 January Patrick posted that whatshername deserved to be shot dead as she tried to invade the senate chamber. But now he is totally on-message that she was a US Patriot who was murdered by a Democrat assassin. Because Trump says so.

  9. Listening to creepy Mark Levin now

    He was just minimizing January 6 and hinting that the FBI was behind it, and that Pelosi was going to try to cover it all up with the hearings

    That’s exactly what’s going over the airwaves of America today, and the sheep will be blogging it tomorrow

    This is a very well oiled Big Lie machine

    I despise the Democrat Party, but what kind of alternative is this cult movement?

  10. Phantom, not sure why you’re still engaging with this simplistic moron.

    Maybe it’s time to kick the atw habit as most of us have done.

    This place is beyond foul. Look at the content.

    Why any decent person would engage with this blatantly white nationalist/anti-science site anymore is beyond me.

    1. LOL You do know what a CLOWN you sound like when you use words like nationalist, why not go full on with all the normal buzz words as you know you want

    2. “ Maybe it’s time to kick the atw habit as most of us have done”

      The irony meter is simply off the scale here?

      Why does irony whoosh over the heads of the far-left (tongue firmly planted in cheek) faster than the speed of light?


  11. Yet Daphne crawls out from under her rock to attack and be the best that she can be. It’s a shame that her best is a POS, but what do you expect from a woman who has attacked peoples dying wives….

    1. Paddy.

      It was a GIF Irony meter that works perfectly fine on my iPad.

      I will try again.

  12. Phantom there are a lot of questions about Jan 6th. The FBI had several informants among those arrested INSIDE the Capital, one that was implanted for months with the one supposed group of agitators. The FBI warned Congress of the threat, troops were offered, but turned down by Nancy.
    So how long did you listen to Levin… 10, 15 min….
    I should send you a copy of his latest book. American Marxist.
    Though I doubt you are interested in anything not printed in the NYSlimes, or the Bezos Post.

    1. I must say, further to the wild crazy conspiracy theory accusation of being a white-nationalist.

      It does tend to get very hot sitting here with this white hood on, sitting in front of a blazing cross?

      1. In Bidens defence, he is not an idiot by choice.

        He is a seriously ill man with advanced dementia.

  13. “He is a seriously ill man with advanced dementia.”

    So is Trump. The latest book on him makes that clear. He had no plan on 6 January beyond pressurising Mike Pence to overturn the election and setting him up for lynching if he didn’t.

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