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They are trying to make travel for the RICH only, this has nothing to do with climate change. DO NOT BE CONNED

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One thought on “Electric cars changing the climate is ‘another hoax’

  1. We ordered our plug-in hybrid on November 4th 2020.

    We are still waiting for delivery?

    If you take out the company car BIK (Benefits in Kind) tax reduction annually for three years, it’s simply a gimmick. The motor weighs and extra 300kgs with battery packs, and the gross weight is well over 2.6 tonnes, on a full charge of expensive electricity, if we do not use anything like air-con, radio, heated seats, winter-pack, etc: will do 35 miles? Due to the massive extra weight, the petrol engine only returns between 29-30 MPG.

    About 30% less than our current V6 monster Diesel engines. Which are modern technology diesel power plants, super efficient, and cheaper to run.

    And guaranteed to get you where you actually need to go.

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