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Proof of the left’s mass migration political effort was made public 12 years ago, in a stunningly similar series of incidents to what is currently taking place on the U.S. … 

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2 thoughts on “Twenty Years Ago, A Mass Migration Plot Was Hatched To Help The Left Change The West Forever. They Even Admitted It.

  1. Reference the mass migration into the U.K.

    Tony Blair arch globalist, the same Tony Blair of the Institute for Global Change, told dreadful lies to the British public concerning mass migration, he did not even bother asking the British public their opinions on the matter, it simply ended up being yet another out of several great failures.

    Blair was aided & abetted by the other serial, and proven liars, Jack Straw, and David Blunkett.

    I still remember the ringing in my ears, Labour insisting only 13,000 Central & Eastern European’s would arrive on these shores each year? The actual figure was 250,000.

    And these mendacious duplicitous oafs, are supposed to be us poor saps peers?

    I don’t think so.

    “ Jack Straw regrets opening door to Eastern Europe migrants”

    Having no restrictions on eastern European migrants in 2004 was a “spectacular mistake”, former Labour home secretary Jack Straw has said.


  2. They need people that need and are used to government control of everything, because us native are too independent.

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