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27 thoughts on “CAPITOL RIOT: Fresh Details Confirm Trump & SecDef Pushed to Deploy National Guard While “Optics” Fears Followed Leftist Outrage Over BLM Riot Policing.

  1. That sounds very serious.

    I’ll bet that the Republicans will want a bipartisan commission to look in to it.

  2. that’s what the issue really is…. it doesn’t matter what the facts are right FO?

  3. Yes, the peaceful Capitol invasion on 6 January was entirely Pelosi’s fault and Trump had nothing to do with it. And whatsername was trying to enter the Senate chamber peacefully in accordance with her constitutional rights when she was murdered in cold blood by a cowardly Democrat assassin.
    This is the latest GOP line to be slavishly followed by the faithful. I suppose it’s an advance on the “Antifa false ops job” lie line which was what they were pedalling in January. Yesterday was a bad day for the GOP so it’s desperate to smear the police officer witnesses as “crisis actors”. And of course Pelosi has always been a special hate figure, she’s up there with Faucci.

    1. Here we go again with Peter YOU NEVER EVER HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, don’t know why you stay here as you add NOTHING to the debate

  4. Peter what have I said about the shooting of Ashli Babbitt?
    That it was a righteous shoot… meaning the cop did his job.
    The events regarding that shooting after the fact though violated the Law, and Due Process.
    Yesterday was very good day for the GOP. The American Public are APPALED at this show trial and fear where the Democrats are taking it.

  5. Ged
    Why should I be “nice” about the GOP pathetic attempts to whitewash what happened on 6 January? They are trying to re-write history just as the Shinners are trying to do about the IRA murder campaign in Northern Ireland, and it needs to be called out, not appeased.

  6. Patrick
    I’m glad to see that you still think that Babbitt got what she deserved on 6 January. But you are now in a minority in your own party as you must be aware. Trump has already declared her a Patriot Martyr and the GOP sheeple are following the Great Leader as always.
    The police witnesses from yesterday are already being smeared by your party as Democrat dupes. Are you on board with the smearing?

  7. no Peter I am not in a minority in my party.
    you read nothing but leftwing rags, you read propaganda about the right that is absolutely laughable and buy it hook line and sinker.
    Everyone of the “Police” that testified yesterday Lied under oath, the one started his testimony asking for a moment of silence for his fellow officer that was killed that day…. no officers were killed that day, nor died from injuries sustained that day. Another Officer called for investigations into members of congress and their staff for criminal treason because “They Instigated it” , while the third compared it to the Iraq War…..
    This committee, these fake cops, and this whole thing is a travesty of the Law, an attack on civil liberty, and a dangerous sham.
    The fact that you’ve bought it hook line and sinker is very disappointing, I thought of you as a more critical thinker than that..

  8. “fake cops” – they were wearing a uniform when they were assaulted as they tried to defend the Capitol. If they had stood aside there would have been lynchings and you know it.
    “an attack on civil liberty” – this is an investigation into what happened on 6 January, which was most definitely an attack on the democratic process, however much you and your party try to whitewash it now. And boy have you guys tried hard. One GOP Trumpist bonehead has compared the rioters to US tourists.

  9. Peter we don’t know what went on in the Capital. They refuse to release the 14,000 hours video tape.
    They’ve been keeping over 100 people locked in solitary confinement for almost 6 months now with no bail for trespassing.
    The Capital Police are not following due process, they are not allowing lawyers to view any of the prosecutions evidence.

    Do you really not know any of this, or what is your justification for it?

  10. “They’ve been keeping over 100 people locked in solitary confinement for almost 6 months now with no bail for trespassing.”

    Trespassing? In my part of the world that’s when you walk over someone’s property when you have no right of way. What happened on 6 January went way beyond “terrspassing”. It was a viloent mob intent on ovrerturning the election of Biden to keep Trump in office. And some of them were intent on lynchings, they said so themselves. So “trespassing” doesn’t cut it.

  11. So if the Capitol Police are not police what are they? Do they have no authority? Should they have surrendered to the mob and let them rampage that day? Your party is denigrating them as some sort of Democrat private militia who got what they deserved on the day from a righteous Patriot Protest.

    And how the actual **** do you know that they have lied in their testimony yesterday? There is video evidence of what happened, are you saying that was faked?

    “Nancy’s Show Trial” – LOL. This is a legally constituted congressional inquiry into what happened on the worst day for US democracy since the day Lincoln got shot. But your party no longer believes in the constitution, as evidenced by Trump urging Pence on 6 January to reject the EC vote for Biden. As if the VP has a veto on the whole shebang.

  12. Then why are they withholding evidence?
    Where is the rope to Lynch anyone?
    They were there to overthrow the government without a single firearm in the most heavenly armed society on earth?
    Murderers are given bail and bail hearings in this country. These people have been denied bail, their consuls have denied access to the video tapes…. that is against AMERICAN LAW…. even if they were armed with bazooka’s, grenades, and machine guns they are entitled to due process and it is not taking place.
    You think the American Public is in support of what is going on, you think that the Federal Government denying due process is ok because it was “an insurrection” nothing could be further from the truth.
    The American Public are appalled and are getting very concerned at the direction things are heading.

  13. This is off-topic, but I know that you guys in the States are facing the same issue, namely surging hospital admissions of unvaccinated Covid patients. In Northern Ireland we still have it mostly under control but 18% of adults have refused to get vaccinated and they are now bagging beds in hospitals and ICUs to such an extent that cancer operations are being delayed:
    “Some cancer surgeries in Belfast are being cancelled due to Covid-19 pressures, BBC News NI has learned. The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust says it is working to reschedule the procedures as soon as possible.”

    There has been a lot of talk about the ethics of vaccine passports and needless to say France is leading the charge to make them as good as mandatory, as in you cannot get on a train without one. I’m not keen on that. But to my mind there is a much simpler and fairer response to encourge vaccine take-up, which is to mandate that unvaccinated Covid patients admitted to hospital will be at the back of the queue, even if that means they die on a trolley in a hospital corridor three days after admission. Under no circumstances whatso****ingever will they get a bed ahead of a cancer patient whose operation is urgent.
    Fair enough?

  14. The Capital Police are the Private Security of Congress with a yearly budget 100 Million Dollars more than the Chicago PD. Besides the 2 billion she just allocated them they have a yearly budget of 460 million to protect 535 people were chicago the bloodiest city in the country has a 360 million dollar budget to protect 2.71 million people.
    Why did they not have proper forces on the ground?

  15. “The American Public are appalled and are getting very concerned at the direction things are heading.”

    The American public were appalled at what happened on 6 January. But even that day the GOP voters were not so appalled and now they seem much more appalled by the inquiry than the riot. What they would really like would be an amnesty, right? “Let’s move on, misguided Patriots, let the country heal, yada yada…” Watch out for Trump-Fox to start down that road real soon. “Amnesty for the 6 January Patriots!”

  16. The NHS has total discretion on treating patients. It has now decided that Covid patients should get priority over cancer patients. Most Covid patients have self-selected by refusing to get vaccinated and have no moral right to priority over cancer patients, or hip replacement patients who have been waiting for months and even years. The unvaccinated Covid patients should face the consequences of their decision and get to the back of the queue. If the NHS announced this policy I guarantee there would be a rush to get vaccinated among the 18% hold-outs.

  17. Peter everyone on the right has called for prosecution of EVERYONE that committed a crime on Jan 6th Trump included. Yet this is something you refuse to believe. The facts don’t matter to you.
    What is being objected to is the lack of the following the Laws of Due Process.
    After a year of watching every major city be burned and looted you’re right a riot where the only damage was a few broken windows and one of the rioters shot did not overly concern not just the republican public but all the public.

    You have bought a false narrative on this whole event.

  18. So your government is putting the virus over cancer….. and the fault of that is the people who won’t get a vaccine… that’s what you’re selling?
    lmao.. that’s what you get with socialized medicine….. Our Hospitals are doing just fine.

  19. “Peter everyone on the right has called for prosecution of EVERYONE that committed a crime on Jan 6th Trump included. ”

    Really Patrick? I musta missed it when Tucker and Hannity condemned Trump for his rabble-rousing that day. Because Trump should obviously be in the dock as well. And in the last few weeks Trump has made it clear that he thinks no crimes were committed and they should all be released without charge.

    “a riot where the only damage was a few broken windows and one of the rioters shot ..”
    There were five deaths. But the pictures went round the world and have done incalculable damage to the image of the USA as a stable democracy where power is handed over peacefully. Those images will be played every time that the USA lectures other states on the value of democracy. But of course Trump and your party couldn’t give a shit about any of that. They are too busy tring to enact Jim Crow 2021 and get abortion and gay marriage banned permanently.

  20. I have a simple point about Covid. If you refuse to get vaccinated you will be at the back of the queue in the hospital. So you will live or die with your decision. It’s called personal responsibility.

  21. to your point about covid and vaccines, that may be acceptable to you and your society it is both not acceptable and illegal in mine.

  22. Look at your framing Peter…. “I musta missed it when Tucker and Hannity condemned Trump for his rabble-rousing that day.”
    I was there remember ?… Trump didn’t rabble rouse no one. And Both Hannity and Tucker have both said that the Rioters of that day should be prosecuted.
    What anyone says is irrelevant Peter. What matters is what the EVIDENCE shows, and that Evidence is supposed to be shared with the defending attorneys and that is not happening at the order of Nancy Pelosi in direct violation of our Constitution.
    If they were there t hang someone, show the evidence, if they were there to overthrow the government show the evidence and convince a jury….. none of that is taking place. They are violating civil rights and screaming insurrection gives them the right to deny due process. That is not acceptable in this country.

  23. Patrick

    First off, anyone who gets Covid after refusing to get vaccinated has no claim to priority against any cancer patient in any publicly funded hospital. Our NHS is giving them priority and that’s a ****ing disgrace in my view. In Belfast we have private clinics and you can go there and pay or queue up at a public hospital and die. Because you have made your choice and your choice should not mean that a single cancer or heart attack patient dies because of your choice, because that would be morally obscene.

    Second off, the US Justice Department is bringing criminal charges against the 6 January rebels as individuals. But the Congress inquiry is concerned with the wider context, as in who instigated that rebellion and who was complicit in letting it happen. I’m glad that you are (so far) in favour of prosecuting the rioters because some in your party are calling for all prosecutions to be dropped and all investigations to be ended. But it’s more important to get at the truth as to who instigated that violence. Because it was a very dark day for American democracy and many of your guys want to “move on” like nothing happened.

  24. “the US Justice Department is bringing criminal charges against the 6 January rebels as individuals. But the Congress inquiry is concerned with the wider context, as in who instigated that rebellion and who was complicit in letting it happen.”
    The 2 are one case Peter The committee hearing is about the supposed insurrection that took place on Jan 6. The DOJ doesn’t Charge Anyone, they Prosecute when charges are brought by the FBI. The Capitol Police are charging the political prisoners and bringing them before a local DC Judge hand picked by them. No grand juries have been seated, no evidence is being shared with defense attorneys. These are the same people testifying before this sham committee testifying falsely to events that they will not produce evidence of in the so called criminal cases.
    Now crimes were committed, and I’ll say it again if you crossed that barrier and went into the capitol you deserve to be shot. If you breach the security of any Federal Building occupied by either the military or Elected Leaders the use of Deadly Force is Authorized. Ashli Babbitt breached an inner chamber that was occupied by members of congress the officer did his duty.
    That does not negate anyone’s civil rights. The Capital Police under the orders of Nancy Pelosi is violating these peoples civil rights. NO POLICE force anywhere in the United States can do what the Capital Police are doing. The are NOT the DOJ, they are NOT part of the Justice system in anyway. They are a Private Security force that works and answers exclusively to the Speaker of the House. They have no legal or court authority. They are not Real Police.

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