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The Capital “Police” are Nancy Pelosi’s Puppets, and nothing more.

During Nancy’s Show Trial the Capital Police have Lied Under Oath, Falsified Evidence, and have followed not one set of procedures that Real Police have to follow. Nancy Pelosi just gave them a budget of $2 BILLION and has set up offices in both Florida and California with plans to expand these offices to every state in the Union.

The following is an interview with Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch that explains just some of the problems that are caused by allowing Nancy’s personal Gestapo to “ACT” as if they are Real Police.

Even putting aside the sham that is playing out in Congress the Capital “Police” are a threat to society literally. An Agency of Armed Thugs that answer solely to Congress with no oversight, no restraint, and complete access to the United States Intelligence tools.

They are being used to track, arrest, and jail American Citizens with NO due process and they are coming after anyone that disagrees with Nancy Pelosi’s view of how things should be.

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