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A REAL vaccine normally takes on average 10 years to develop, but not the magical Covid Vaccine Just 3 HOURS

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19 thoughts on “It took three hours to develop the vaccine!!!!

    1. Oh OK I am sure she said 3 hours, but no you must be right I must have MISS HEARD when she said it took 3 hours

    1. Enjoy your Digital ID Vaccine Passport to get into Tesco’s to buy a pint of milk.

        1. You won’t be able to buy anything unless your QR-code code when scanned deems it “state approved “


    1. Only if you take the centuries to get to the point of being able to utilise RNA. Not to be confused with DNA as has been the case here in previous posts.

      1. Clearly you didn’t SEE the image stating the VACCINE RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CYCLE, ON AVERAGE IT TAKES 10 YEARS but I do understand you missing such a BIG image like that and clearly hard of hearing when she SAID it took us 3 HOURS, all so easy to miss

        1. You know the saying, ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.

          That should be the caveat warning at the end of all your posts.

          I’d try to explain it further, but I’ve a feeling I’d have a better chance of teaching a dolphin how to ride a bike.

            1. Yes, the view is good from the heights afforded by considered research. Clue, dont jump on something that at face value appears to support your position, but review it through a critical lens. You’re welcome.

  1. If it took three minutes to develop a good vaccine, why would that be any problem?

    There are multiple good western vaccines. Be thankful, and stop the whining. Get some discipline for one moment if you can.

    The huge Merck tried to develop a vaccine, but was unsuccessful, despite all their resources.

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