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We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That is the Keystone, everything is built from there. The Power belongs to the People Not to the Government or any Ruler, this nation, under God, had it’s birth in freedom — and that the government shall be of the people, by the people, and for the people, the government shall serve them, not the People serving it…..

The First Amendment acknowledges five basic freedoms: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the freedom to petition the government for a redress of our grievances.

These Freedoms granted us by Natures Creator are being taken from us by the Biden Regime.

They infringed on our Religion by forbidding us to go to Church. They have TAKEN AWAY our Freedom of Assembly by not allowing us to gather together in Public. . They have taken away the freedom to petition the government for a redress of our grievances, with their double attack combining that with the loss of our Free Speech. If you disagree with the government point of view you are censored.

The United States is quickly turning into a Tyrannical Fascist state complete with Political Prisoners’ in a Gulag.

Part of the American psyche is more set than most people realize and few want to address.

That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

That sentiment is alive and well, except no matter what they tell you no one wants to do it violently. It has to be done peacefully. That is the position we find ourselves in. They stole the vote in the name of a Virus and they are ramming through as much Communism as they can as fast as they can… These idiots don’t even understand that they are acting exactly the same way those that founded the soviet union did. It just hasn’t been as violent yet…. they will get there.

Everything Rests on the next Election, both sides know it. The Republicans have NO PLAN, the Democrats do. To keep you in FEAR for your life from the “Virus” until the midterm’s so they can keep their steal the vote apparatus in place, and seal their power.

We need to be loud an rude. I WILL NOT COMPLY, I will not where a mask, I will not get a vaccine, I had the disease I DON’T NEED IT… even if I did it is MY CHOICE not the Governments. What drugs I choose or don’t choose to put in my body is nobody else business.

YOU the person on the street, an employer, bar, restaurant, theater etc it is none of your damn business and that is Federal Law, but forget that Law they don’t like it so it’s not there.

We are reaching the point where we are no longer a Nation of Law. It can be saved, but it doesn’t look good.

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61 thoughts on “What we are defending…

  1. No one has the right to infiltrate contagious diseases onto trains, planes, cruise ships, into movie theaters, schools or hospitals.

    Those who want to to so are complete sneaks, who have zero respect for their family, their neighbor, their employer, or their country.

    We can all at least agree on that

  2. I’m disappointed that you didn’t mention “They’re coming for our guns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. Notice ” virus ” in quotation marks

    It isn’t even a real virus now!

    It’s a deep state conspiracy!

    Jail Fauci!

  4. If Trump didn’t sign off on the vaccine, every one of these hyenas worldwide would oppose it.

    How about a new ” January 6 Patriot Movement ” that supports the riot openly and wants new violent riots by the patriots every day and that opposes vaccines and masks and anything that any real doctor says. Other than Rand Paul, who really knows stuff.

  5. A federal judge in D.C. erupted in anger at a Jan. 6 riot defendant and his lawyer Friday afternoon for refusing to cooperate with court officials on covid-19 safety requirements.

    “You may not believe in this virus even though 600,000 people have died,” said U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton. “I’m not going to be a part of spreading this virus because of what you don’t believe.”

    But he did not immediately incarcerate Daniel Goodwyn, a San Francisco webpage designer accused of taking part in the assault on the Capitol. The judge said he would give Goodwyn one more chance to comply, even as the defendant insisted he would not.

    January 6 Trumper traitor anti science criminal bum who doesn’t respect the Constitution or country is bitch slapped by a federal judge ( WP )


  6. Phantom….. The government does not have the right to force anyone to take a medication…. maybe they should just decide who should be sterilized for non-compliance…. or for a genetic defect.
    Those infecting you with this death dealing killer plague the corona-19 Virus mans deadliest plague…. what’s it death rate now .05% less than 1 whole percent of those who are now being infected are dying so my god put on your mask lock your doors and seal them and your windows with plastic and ducktape.
    People get infected with viruses everyday. No one should ever leave home unless they are “essential” right… you might catch cold and die….
    You’re a fool.
    I have given full throated support to everyone that wants the vaccine to take it. This group in office and YOU want everyone to take it in spite of any side effects….. I have been told by my Doctor that with my medical conditions and the fact that I have had the disease the side effects could be severe even deadly, but you don’t care. Fuck me, fuck my choice….. well fuck you.
    What do you prescribe they do about people like me?

  7. so while you whine about the medical behavior of others… you of course have nothing to say about the violations against our freedoms….
    Why not, your balls fall off?

  8. No one has ever had the right to spread an infectious disease among the population

    No decent person on the face of the earth would want to do that

  9. Patrick,

    Do you think someone that has a communicable disease such as HIV has the right to have unprotected intercourse? And, yes, you should know the next question if you say yes.

  10. Smcgiff if they engage in sex without telling their partner it is attempted homicide. If they tell their partner and still engage in unprotected sex it is their choice.

    1. Fair enough. What about someone that is highly promiscuous, but never got tested, so is not sure they have a disease, but highly likely to have one. Is it their right not to take a precaution with a new partner, even with one inexperienced?

  11. Phantom do you believe man can eliminate Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria?
    Do you believe any person can render themselves sterile from these contaminates?

  12. Smcgiff, each of those examples are first off horrible…. nothing like killer sex to liven up a conversation…
    1) each scenario you paint has several vital flaws, unless it is rape sex is consensual…. but more important than that it takes an action that a person has to do…. you have to ENGAGE in sex…. if you have an std and you ride a bus or a subway everyone on them is not exposed to your HIV.
    2) HIV is a death sentence… you can now live longer upwards of 20yrs, but you will die of Aids if you have the virus 100% guranteed. With covid you have less than a 3% chance of the virus killing you.

    3) Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses transmit themselves…. they may ride along with you as host and be spread by you but you as a human being have NO CHOICE in the matter it is part of Natures design.
    4) You can’t remove Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses from people or the environment you can only react to what Nature throws at you.
    5) This Virus is actually SARS-2 it is very contagious but is actually not very deadly. Yes a lot of people have died but there are over 6 Billion of us and as a percentage the number that have died is not large. No Healthy People have died all the people who have died had other health issues and in reality even the majority of those with a comorbidity have survived.
    There is no justification, for Masks, or Lockdowns let alone FORCED vaccinations.

    1. Bizarre rant Patrick,

      Where or which straw man to tackle first ? First of all HIV is not the main killer. It’s when it develops into AIDs that it becomes deadly. This is not semantics, it’s an important point. People have been cured of HIV to the point it is no longer in their system https://www.openaccessgovernment.org/cured-of-hiv/106050/. So, No, it’s not 100% guaranteed to die of HIV – my bet is on science to make HIV being cured more common. Science has achieved wonderful things.

      You know smallpox which killed 100s of millions of people – eradicated in the wild. Diseases like polio/TB that afflicted lots of your generation – effectively wiped out. The battle against malaria is going to be won in the not too distant future. So, again no, we don’t have to live with all diseases.

      IF you’re making the point the world is over populated that’s a separate issue. Eventually war for resources will sort that out.

      In the mean time those of us smart enough need to ensure we and our loved ones manage this crisis so we survive. Darwinism will sort out some of the antivaxers.

      1. “ In the mean time those of us smart enough need to ensure we and our loved ones manage this crisis so we survive. Darwinism will sort out some of the antivaxers.”

        So, just to be crystal clear here?

        You are being smart enough to manage to survive a virus with a full recovery rate of 99.54%.


        That’s not being smart.

        It’s being a fucking dupe.

        1. Where are you getting a 99.54% full recovery rate, Harri? Maybe you can be excused for not knowing the full effects of Covid 19. But, let’s start with your stat first.

            1. Do you have to lie to back up your position?

              That website does not say that is the recovery rate. That is coolaid drinking wishful thinking. Read again with a literacy level above 6 years of age.

              The average death rate is estimated at approx 3.4%, higher in older age groups, lower in younger. Those surviving, but suffering lasting damage like lung damage are not insignificant.

            2. By the way. We are ALL going to die. You can quote me on THAT. I never said anything close to “we are mostly all going to die” from Covid.

              But, we probably can’t rule out you are hearing voices. Try and concentrate and don’t read/hear what you want to serve your idiotic notions

          1. Oooh, scary stuff.

            Who cares anyway, I wear a mask made of cotton, and have been double jabbed.

            Now, I insist, give me my Digital ID vaccine passport, and leave me and mine the fuck alone.

  13. “ In the mean time those of us smart enough need to ensure we and our loved ones manage this crisis so we survive.”

    And how do you intend to achieve that?

    Please, let us mere mortals in on your secret.

  14. smcgiff.

    Can you pass on the recipe for curing the common cold, flu and stupidity while you are at it.


    1. The common cold isn’t all that. The Flu is a different story for the aged. And I do think there’s a therapy on the way for that. As for stupidity, you’re proof there’s no cure for that.

      1. When was the last time you had to queue up in the wind and rain to take a test to know if you have either got, or had a common cold?

        Precisely, I personally didn’t need too, I knew full well I had the sniffles.

        Just how how dumb are you?

        By the way, what happens if you are tested and it’s positive? Does an ambulance with blue lights flashing come to collect you? And whisk you off to an IVU?

        Or, do you simply cower behind your sofa for the next 10 days?


        What happens?

        1. Harri, wtaf are your talking about? What point are you trying to make re the common cold? Are you saying Covid is just like the common cold?

          Can I ask if anyone else on this site equates the common cold with Covid in severity? Anyone, GED, you might actually be a candidate for such a position.

      2. When was the last time you required a test to know if you had a common cold.

        Now, who is the stupid one.

        You have, I’m afraid oh dumbkof, fell for it, hook, line and sinker, reality might not have sunk in yet?
        But it will..

        You remain a dupe, as amusing and as entertaining as it is, Boris Johnson and the British state rely on dupes.

        Keep it up.

        1. Harri, are you coming down with some early onset memory disease? You already made that moronic cold comparison already.

          1. Er, whatever.

            Now, back to reality. In your scientific view, what is full survival rate of Covid?

            1. Harri, No, I’ve not been tested for the cold. The cold doesn’t kill anyone unless your immunity is VERY suppressed.

              Harri, I’ve asked you for a basis for your figure first. And when you respond are you talking about vaccinated countries or non heavily vaccinated countries?

          2. Oookay,

            I will ask the question again.

            When was the last time you required a test to know or realise you had a bout of the sniffles?

            You never have.

            Have you?

      3. “The common cold is not all that”

        Tell that to many wife’s, partners and girlfriends who have had to wait hand & foot on someone dying in their last throes of life begging for more hot chicken and sweet corn soup, the duvet, and the remote control of the TV suffering from Man-Flu.

        Any man, (and I will safely assume you don’t fit into that category) who has suffered from Man-Flu, is only ever seconds away from dealing 999.


        Your welcome.

        1. Harri, you’re supposed to rub the Vicks vaporub on your chest not snort it. 😀 😀 😀

          1. Touche, in my defence, I did say”Man-Flu” and the chance of you catching that is about zero.

            No offence.


              1. Maybe, but will you have to queue up to have a test to know if you either had it? Or got it?

                1. For the cold, Harri? Of course not, I just get my wife to look after me like any normal man.

                  1. And you have to queue up for a test to know if you have Covid?

                    Why exactly?

                    It’s a killer deadly virus after all.

  15. smcgiff I’m not making any point that you are seeing….
    I don’t care about the population of man on the planet. There is plenty of room and a never ending supply of resources. We have what we need to live forever. We just have to figure out the science.
    Real Science not this voodoo climate shit, or what the politicians are trying to sell you as science Hell these clowns can’t even balance a checkbook they have no clue. Calling something “science” is just a tool to sway the ill-informed.

    The goal of genetic science is to take a few cells from a person and with information contained within grow that person their own fresh heart, lungs, liver, etc and we are very close to doing it.
    Within the next ten years we should finally have a base on the moon and a manned visit to mars.
    Our robotic advances have reached beyond science fiction we can make humanoids that can do everything we can, and do it better. Computing is giving birth to true AI a free thinking mechanical mind.
    What is sold as Science to the public is Blasphemy to the real science taking place at this very moment around the world.

    This virus is not the plague, it was bad when it first hit but it is not now. We won as best we can the deathrate of the world is only 2 people above the normal weekly avg. of what it is in any year. This is a play for power nothing else world wide at this point.

  16. First of all, yes I believe aging will be cured (not death, reading your phone and stepping out in front of a bus will still happen). Aging/dying is the biological process that is the engine for evolution. However, man will conquer this. It will be strictly controlled though.

    Where I fundamentally disagree with you is that there is a never ending supply of resources. There simply isn’t and man has a serious problem with going to the stars owing to that dang general relativity law that matter cannot travel faster than light. So, no skipping off to exo planets to plunder those.

    I do think Covid will eventually be like the flu, culling the most vulnerable. But, not yet… and the fear is that because of large populations in the world have not been vaccinated (hell, even on this forum people wont get vaccinated) it will develop other strains. Do you really think Delta is the last strain with it going through India like wild fire.

    Finally, Covid is lessening in the developed world… because… drum roll, the amount of people getting vaccinated. Which, I do hear tell aint the most popular in these here parts.

    1. Oooooh no.

      Not…..the Delta variant?

      The deadly killer virus is coming to get us all, quick, run for your safe space, jazz hands…jazz hands.

      As an Apatheist, God help us all.


  17. It doesn’t matter if it develops into a million different strains there is nothing mankind can do about. The question is smcgiff right now it is killing less than 2 people in a 100, the normal “Flu” kills an avg of 3 out of a 100.
    You can live your life scared and hiding in a bubble, but I guarantee you’ll still catch a cold and you will still eventually die.
    However just because you’re scared shitless over what has always been a virus that is deadly to very select group of people doesn’t mean you get to shove drugs into people who don’t want it. You don’t have that right over another person and this virus is not deadly enough to warrant it.
    and man can not use up the resources of this planet. To believe we could is the ultimate in arrogance.

    1. Smcgiff can cower behind his sofa all day long, 24/7 as long as doesn’t demand normal people join him.


  18. “Harri, you’re supposed to rub the Vicks vaporub on your chest not snort it. 😀 😀 ”
    lol perfect

  19. ‘and man can not use up the resources of this planet. To believe we could is the ultimate in arrogance.’

    Are you coming at this from a fundamentalist Christian perspective. You do know that all resources are finite, even those we use to harness the power of the sun. I’m not sure what your basis is for thinking they are not finite, is this from a supernatural point of view?

    As for your belief of the Covid death/harm rates, we’re not going to change our beliefs on that. Although, it is worth pointing out the irony that the death rates are rapidly reducing in the West because of vaccination policies that you disagree with compared to the likes of India which is too underdeveloped/over populated to roll out the vaccines quick enough. 424k deaths reported so far, and we know that is wildly under reported, probably close to 4 million deaths in India alone. Why is that I wonder… hmmm?

    1. 424k deaths so far in India.

      With a population of 1.4 billion.

      Have you worked out the percentage yet?

  20. That’s simple maths, and I’ll not insult your intelligence to use the 424k figure because this is India we are talking about – multiply by 10 and that’d be approx .3% or about 1 in every 300 people.

    That’s not nothing. And that’s just deaths, add in other complications like Long Covid, and soon we just might have something to worry about.

    The death rates, we agree are a lot lower in heavily vaccinated countries – can you hazard a guess why that may be, Harri?

    1. Can you hazard a guess at what the full recovery rate of Covid is?

      Go on, hazard a guess?

      At least try.

      1. Harri, You’re all over the place on this page. Try to stick to one area. As I’ve asked (third time lucky?) where did you get your recovery stat, and was it from a heavily vaccinated country or not?

  21. Oh Noooo.

    Not…Long Covid?

    Get back behind your sofa, remember now, there is a deadly killer virus coming to get you.

    In fact it’s so deadly, so debilitating, you require a test to know if you even have it.

    Question Doctor, if someone has been tested positive, they obviously according to the science, now have anti-bodies, so why would they require a vaccine?


      1. Lucy Adams still suffers fatigue, brain fog?

        Of course she does she is a BBC correspondent.

        Smcgiff, you can have the whole family cowering from Boris Johnson’s orders for all I care.

        Now, back to the question you refuse to answer?

        What is the full recovery rate of Covid?

        And mores to the point you sap, why are you and now apparently your wife hiding behind that sofa?

        Why don’t you just don’t simply both wear a mask?

        Are you insane?

  22. Okay, time’s up… need to see if I can get my wife to cower with me behind the sofa. Will check back later.

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