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One thought on “The decline and fall of Policing

  1. We now have a renewed confidence in the police here, it’s that time of year, a bunch of rather vicious dog stealing Irish pikeys turned up late in the evening down the bottom of the fields, after cutting the locked gates open, and threatening to “cut the throats” of the farmhands who challenge them.

    Anyway, police called, “nothing we can do guv, it’s a civil thing, and all that, sorry”

    The next day, up they came mob handed threatening to set fire (again) to the stables, burn the horses alive, kill all the dags, and so on.

    Their problem was, one of the stable girls recorded it all on video, within an hour, armed police descended on them, and gave them one hour to piss off.

    And they did.

    Irish Pikeys, a menace to society.

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