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The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Sir Ed Davey, has said that plans to impose vaccine passports for domestic use was “unworkable, expensive and divisive”, as he called for the recall of parliament to debate changes to the NHS app which allows it to be used as proof of vaccine status.

I hate to say it, but I totally agree with him!

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2 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast LibDems actually make sense on Covid passports!

  1. Ah, Covid Passports, the very same Covid Passports which apparently are never going to exist, and are simply a tin-foil-hat, flat-earther, crazy conspiracy theory.

    Yep, those Covid Passports.

    France chaos ERUPTS: Paris police use batons – protests against Macron turn violent

    PROTESTS against Emmanuel Macron’s europhile government have turned violent in Paris this afternoon.

    Riot police were seen swinging batons at marchers who descended on the French capital to protest against Mr Macron’s plans to introduce mandatory COVID-19 health passes. More than 150,000 demonstrators were estimated to have taken to the streets across the French Republic against the President’s plans to make the passes obligatory to enter many public cultural venues.


    Never mind it’s probably all made up because it’s in the Daily (sex) press.


  2. Paddy.

    You were saying in some states in the US, they have banned vaccine passports?

    What happens if anyone from any of those free states want to get out of state, and visit other states?

    Are they barred? Or do they simply have no option but to stay within their own free states forever and a day?

    If that is the case,? America is simply no longer the Land of The Free?

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