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There was no Friday Night Music last night….. Friday Night Music did not go away, but one of our DJ’s has….

Pete Moore has decided to take a powder… he has lost his enthusiasm. His reasons are his and not mine to explain. I will miss my British Counterpart, he has been a rock through everything.

Who knows maybe someday he will return to delight, inspire, and infuriate us all with his view of events. He will be missed.

My choice of Music never inspired as his, but the Music section of this site was never meant for the readers it was meant to relieve pressure for the writers, started on a whim by our founder.

In this it shall continue…. everyone is still invited to leave their choices in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “You may have noticed a Silence

  1. See ya soon Pete.


    “ Pete Moore has decided to take a powder… he has lost his enthusiasm. His reasons are his and not mine to explain. I will miss my British Counterpart, he has been a rock through everything.”

    Pete was at it for an awful long time, through thick and thin.

    I doff my cap to him.

    All good things come to an end.

    For Pete…

  2. I’d miss Pete’s often over confident exultation of his ‘fine rugger chaps’ If only because pride often comes before a fall. 😉

  3. Pete was always the best writer on this site.
    He is also the only one – I think – who I ever learned anything from. Pity that voice is now silent.

    Despite the often crazy notions he himself entertained, I presume the place here in the end became simply too dumb for him.
    He deserved something better and was right to leave.

  4. Unless Daphne, Charles and the others are welcomed back, please delete my login credentials.

    Can’t have discussions if everyone keeps getting thrown out.


  5. Phantom Pete left for his own reasons that I had nothing to do with. Your writers privilege’s were removed because you asked for them to be removed.
    Charles isn’t interested in coming back, he was never here, if he wants to he has my number & email, and Daphne isn’t welcome here.
    Noel if the place is too dumb well then go somewhere else…..
    Gentlemen I am sorry Pete decided to wrap it up also, it’s not my place to share his reasons.
    As for the others…. for the last 5 years all they have done is shit on this site, and shit on me and David, more me but they never had anything nice or even worthy of debate to say about anything of David’s posted here including you Phantom… they are not welcome anymore. Anyone who comes here for the soul purpose of trashing this site is not welcome.

    You can disagree with the points made in the posts and videos they are there for discussion, but the vile hate and abuse is done.

  6. +1 Noel. The jukebox and Pete’s writing and humour were some of the main redeeming features of this place….and indeed of Pete’s posts 😉 … I agreed with very little of it but it was often great writing and very funny.

    Nowadays it reminds of the warnings they put on nuclear waste sites. (“This place is not a place of honor… no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here… nothing valued is here.”). The new design makes me thankful I am color blind (indeed almost envious of the blind) and “Ged” makes Pat look like Leonardo da Vinci.

    Exfiltrate FewsOrange, smcgiff, Peter etc and yeet this thing into the sun.


  7. If Pete had posted he would have mention the 2nd Lions/South Africa test.

    SA won setting up a decider next Saturday, it is on Peacock TV in the US. I was out with my son during the game and managed to avoid enough media to watch the game afterwards without knowing the score, a trick I will need to perform next Saturday as well.

  8. Parting is such sweet sorrow…. and there is some real sadness involved.
    The site is in transition. If it doesn’t meet any of the things that you are looking for Sorry. We offer a non-MSM view of the topics of the day.
    All topics are open to discussion.
    It is our job to give people things to think about and if they choose to, a place to discuss those things.
    What is MORE important is the Freedom to say what we choose, and to raise our voices at the things and situations we believe to be wrong.
    Now if you don’t agree with our view of a topic you can try to convince us why we are the ones who are wrong with your comments, or you can find a site that agrees with you.
    Choose as you see fit.

  9. When any mention or write of music, my own thoughts drift towards my Jacqueline’s favourite aria

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