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15 thoughts on “Neil Oliver: For the sake of freedom – yours and mine – I will cheerfully risk catching Covid-19

  1. It’s not about him.

    It’s about the health of the entire society.

    That’s what these ” me rights, guvnor are all that matters, to hell with my neighbor” jerks completely fail to understand.

    This never had to be a political issue, but some like to argue about everything.

  2. Phantom advocates that the government has the right to do to your body as they choose…. for the common good.
    So let’s talk sterilization. If you have HIV the government should be able to remove your genitalia.
    It is an extreme example, but it is the same exact argument Phantom makes.

  3. Phantom, The Govt has NO right and should never have any right to tell its population what they should put in there bodies FULL STOP, but you see you will be one of those that stand with woman when they say “My Body My Choice”, yet you are more than happy to foget that when you agree with the Govt taking over the choice. I call that HYPORSCY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER

  4. Local US governments have long had the right to require that young children be vaccinated before attending school.

    Employers have the right to require that employees be vaccinated against Covid before entering workplace buildings – for the protection of the smart employees.

    Private businesses have the right to require that restaurant transport and concert attendees be vaccinated.

    The anti vax know nothings are invited to stay at home in the basement. The public, business and governments are losing patience with them. The world will steadily become a smaller place for these rebels without a cause.

    1. PSST NOT IN THE UK, get off your high horse the does NOT revolve around the USA, In the UK the Govt have NO right over what medical stuff we put in our bodies

  5. Phantom doesn’t know what he’s talking abaout as usual.
    there is both a religious and conscientious waiver allowed to pass on the vaccine mandate in school….
    Phantom has never had any idea of what he’s talking about on anything and he has NO CHILDREN,
    Business can require it but you can refuse and not take the job.

    You’re a FOOL Tom.

  6. You see unlike you Phantom I will always argue my point and provide reason/evidence to back up what I say.
    And unlike you when I am wrong I admit it.
    but you would think after 20yrs of arguing with me that when I stress a legal point….. I’ know what I’m talking about, even Mahons wouldn’t argue case Law with me. I may be an ass, but to use his words but I’m an Intelligent ass.
    They can word it anyway they want, but the Government at any Level CAN NOT MANDATE drugs or medical procedures. It’s a Violation of your Civil Rights.
    As an American Citizen you should know these things.

  7. New York, California, and Maine….. 3 States out of 50….. and if taken to court those 3 Liberal one party States wouldn’t stand. Because it is a violation of Not just American Law, but International Law…. Look it up Skippy it is considered a crime you can be sent to the Hague for by forcing medication on your citizens.
    You operate under the Premise especially with this pathetic virus that Laws Humanity have put in place to keep out of control politicians and dictators in line don’t exist because god forbid you might catch a cold.
    Not to mention this is an experimental drug, it is not a drug that has FDA approval. We are the test subjects. That falls into the exact definition of an experimental drug which is forbade by international law and treaty to be forced on a population.
    So like it or not the Legal Standing is against forced Vaccinations. There is one case that has overruled that funnily due to Covid Vavřička and others v the Czech Republic, …. now will that case hold up on appeal ? who knows, but up until it forced vaccinations are against Human Rights and considered a crime against humanity…

    and even in those 3 states out of 50 where you can’t say no to the vaccination you can choose NOT to send your child to school… It’s called HomeSchooling…. they don’t get to hold your child down and inject what they want into them.

  8. My last word on the subject…..
    I am Pro-Vaccine. If you can get it, get it. My children have had ALL their vaccines, even covid.
    However I will fight to the death for a Persons RIGHT to say NO…. you can not force another person to take a medication or undergoe a medical procedure out of YOUR fear, or whatever your righteous indignation is based on… PERIOD.
    If you believe the vaccine works and is not a threat to your health take it. You are then protected and you have no right or need to worry about or even know what anyone else does or does not do… you are safe… the rest are not your business.

  9. here ya go….. a peace offering?
    watch the whole thing…. it’s a very good representation of what happened here over the years.

  10. I wish to be treated exactly the same as Daphne and Charles.

    Please ban me.

    God bless, all. See you round the bend.

    1. Since you continue to insist…. no one need to be here, and I don’t advertise non-affiliated sites on this site.
      God bless you Phantom and thanks for the years of memories.

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