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NHS is running an internal campaign to encourage NHS staff to take the Flu vaccine. It suggests you can have the Flu but have no symptoms. This is pure garbage!

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2 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast Ever had the Flu and not known it?

  1. ” It suggests you can have the Flu but have no symptoms. This is pure garbage!”


    How Many People Get Sick with Flu Every Year?

    A 2018 CDC study published in Clinical Infectious Diseasesexternal icon looked at the percentage of the U.S. population who were sickened by flu using two different methods and compared the findings. Both methods had similar findings, which suggested that on average, about 8% of the U.S. population gets sick from flu each season, with a range of between 3% and 11%, depending on the season.

    Why is the 3% to 11% estimate different from the previously cited 5% to 20% range?

    The commonly cited 5% to 20% estimate was based on a study that examined both symptomatic and asymptomatic influenza illness, which means it also looked at people who may have had the flu but never knew it because they didn’t have any symptoms. The 3% to 11% range is an estimate of the proportion of people who have symptomatic flu illness.

  2. You can be infected with any bug and not have symptoms….. just because you have contact with it and carry it doesn’t mean you are going to get sick…..

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