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and as they say in a different song…. and the Band Played on….. However right now sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the only truth of life…. it’s in the good book ya know.

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7 thoughts on “Apropos

  1. do not feed the alligators they will bite you…..
    I stand alone in the abyss screaming and even if I scream to myself I will not go silently

  2. Well Pat I see you finally managed to kill the site, congratulations!

    Perhaps you could go full retard and just channel the Q-cumbers

    anyway just for my own edification GED is ole spotty mccann come scuttling out from under his rock but hiding behind a pseudonym because as ever hes a coward

    Might check for a reply probably won’t as there is almost nothing left here worth coming for

    Hasta La Juego

  3. Ged is not Andrew, but I would love to see Andrew return ….
    As for me killing the site I think not.
    Yes there is no one commenting here at the moment, that may be permanent. If it is… it is.
    for the last 3 4 years it’s not been commenting anyway. All the people who’s comments were worth reading and the people worth interacting with were driven away, and not by me…. even my wife was driven from here. She’s been with me 33 years so I sure wasn’t the reason.
    The last battle was against me and only me….. so let me ask you EP what do you think I’d rather have. People who insult me and anyone that disagrees with their point of view or the silence?
    Now maybe people who are interested in debate and talk may actually be able to engage in it.
    You are welcome to give it try EP, when was the last time you discussed an actual post? If you are here for any other reason then no there really isn’t a reason for you to stop back by….. but that is up to you.

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