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Despite contorting the definition of death, the UK is recording one tenth of the deaths experienced in January and yet they tell us we face a deadly 3rd wave. They lie.


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48 thoughts on “Is anyone dying of Covid 19?

  1. no one is dying of covid, but if you die it’s covid…. even if the covid came in the form of a Bullet wound….

  2. ‘no one is dying of covid’


    Hilarious. After all this time I never realised ATW was a spoof site all along. Read it that way and it all makes more sense.

  3. Smcgiff not one person is dying of covid….. they die because of other factors. Covid being the final straw to someone who is already compromised and who could just as easily be pushed to death by any flu. The death rate is less than 1% per contamination…

    1. I really don’t know how you could make that comment. If you were a doctor, I’d disagree with you, but I’d at least pause for thought.

      How does – not one person has died from Covid that doesn’t have underlying conditions – fit with this?

      Regardless, even if Covid were only killing people (it clearly isnt so restricted) with underlying conditions why would that make a difference? Do people doing a good job contributing to society deserve to live under a death sentence just because they have asthma or have a dodgy heart?

  4. smcgiff I nor millions of others believe a single story about any covid deaths…. old, young, sick, healthy, the problem is they lied and nobody trusts them anymore.
    The deaths can be true, they could be caused solely by Covid and this new variant that comes out tomorrow the alpha-omega variant …. that’s it we’re all dead… and it will spread twice as fast and kill millions more people than it would all because the worlds health industry has lied and politicized itself…

    the result is a total lack of confidence in the system.

  5. why has the site gone to the shitter ?
    petem gone , phantom gone, harri gone
    was it the new design or the whacko known as troll that caused
    the comments to hit the crapper ?

    1. this site hasn’t gone to the shitter, it’s had the shit flushed away…..
      You see turds like you stunk the place to high heaven..
      Now I could go into a million reasons why, but you know them all, because you were part of it all.
      Silence is better than the stench of those that were removed.

        1. You should have stuck with your faith and turned the other cheek maybe? You should never have banned Seimi, or anyone else, and definitely not Charles, a more affable human being you would be hard pressed to find.

          Still, the damage has been done now.

          All the best to you, Monica and the girls.

    2. For me personally? It was definitely not the new design, I had no no issues with that, it was the host attempting to be clever in joining in taking the piss.

      I did say, you can take that Vicks Vapour rub and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

      I still stand by that, however, I still look on in from time to time, still wonder, and worry what happened to @AllanAberdeen, and sincerely wish Patrick, David and ATW all the very best for the future, and who knows, maybe we will, some of us old crew anyway, get together again for further future political battles.

      I would also at this point like to wish WITW website all the best for the future, and a sincere pat on the back from me for the sterling work they have accomplished, well done Seimi and Paul, you should be proud of yourself’s.

      A special note to Seimi, you have recently posted a thread reference dogs, as I have stated previously on this, our old home, we had three dogs, we now have two, on July 21st this year, a date I will never, ever forget, we lost our little girl to a seizure, there one minute, gone the next, I have suffered grief in my life, unbearable grief, like most, but this time this grief was the straw which broke this camels back.

      Dogs have one thing to give, and one thing only, love.

      You maybe asking why I don’t go onto the WITW website?

      Because we have never seen eye to eye, and never, ever will.

      Unless we discuss the love of dogs.

      1. Harri sorry about your dog… we have added a corgi to our menagerie.

        remember the idea was never to see eye to eye it was to discuss different points of view. Something that stopped on here long ago.
        a silent clean slate is better than personal attacks. The idea is to discuss the issues not each other. Those who forgot that are no longer here, except of course for kurt/percy’s little drop by with what passes for intelligent humor or some sort of sardonic dig the lack of abuse may be a silence for the moment, but it is a welcome silence.
        and harri don’t leave comments to seimi or any of the others here please, they have a nice site go join them. You are welcome here, but I am sure they would welcome you there also.
        I grow tired of the rehash…. I answer any that come here out of respect for you taking the time to comment, but if you don’t want to discuss the issue of the post, please don’t bother to comment.
        Stick to the issues

        1. Fair comment.

          And taken onboard Patrick.

          Talking of current issues?

          Was I correct reference QR-coded Vaccine Passports?

          No vaccine = no life, No jab = no job.

          Told you so. And I told you so even before a vaccine had been developed.

          How did I know?

          Blame Scott Morrison the Australian premier, back in early April 2020, he threatened the entire Australian nation with QR-coded vaccine Passports?

          a) Early April 2020? I assume Scott Morrison is not psychic? b) how did he know about QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports? and c) A Vaccine had not even been developed, so, how did he know a QR-coded Vaccine Passport would be required?

          I safely assume he, Scott Morrison got his arse severely spanked by his globalist masters for kinda letting the cat out of the bag a tad too early?

        2. Oh, and the one and only individual who truly deserved to be banned from ATW, was Kurt, Jude, or whoever he was at any given time.

          My apologies for being blunt. But a bigger cunt you would be hard pressed to ever find.

        3. My little girl was my life, she was a tiny Yorkie, she made up in a way for great loss in my life, I adored her above anything, she made me laugh, smile, and has left a hole in my world, I miss her every single minute of the day.

          I have no faith, but am contemplating restoring it if I am able, she has taught me as much in her death as she did in life, I have no clue if there really is a rainbow bridge?

          But I now truly hope there is, and I will meet her again one day.

          1. I add my prayers to yours Harri….
            My first dog was yorkie. Had him for over 17yrs. I understand your loss.

            1. Thanks Patrick.

              Even with all my belligerence towards religion over the years, and trust me I have every reason to show belligerence towards any kind of heaven, or higher beings, I am now having second thoughts, and have taken to reading revelations.

              Maybe it’s an age thing?

  6. yes Harri you did call a lot of this and we’re laughed and ridiculed for it. Yet I don’t believe this I told you so is one to be proud of…
    the extent that they are going to screw us (the people) I am afraid to say has yet to be fully revealed.

    1. QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports?

      In every country, all at the same time, and all linked to Microsoft BlockChain.


      I don’t think so.

      Those Non-tin-foil-hat, non- Flat-earthers, non-conspiracy- theorists, could not have got it more wrong, if their lives depended on it. Just how did they get it so wrong? How is that even possible?

      1. they got it wrong because they don’t believe our leaders are as corrupt as they are. The question now remains after witnessing this unending grab for control of every aspect of our lives… all to benefit the greater good…. have their eyes been opened or do they still continue to call us kooks?

    2. I am in no way proud of it Patrick.

      But, and I am sorry to say…I told you so.

      Next up, a cashless society, and the really big one. A Global Financial Transaction Tax.

      A financial transaction tax on every single financial transaction we make, think about that for a minute?

      It’s horrifying.

      Noted the EU has already mandated legislation for no cash transactions over 10,000 Euros, how long does anyone think before that figure is…zero?

  7. maybe the site has gone to the dogs then 😉

    seriously though the mere fact that petem left
    he being a prolific poster and not in the leftie crowd
    proves troll is full of the brown stuff
    maybe taking too much ivermectin ..lol

    someone blew it big time and it wasn’t the regulars of either hue was it ?
    still you’re my favourite asshole Troll
    no-one can take that from me 🙂

  8. harri, the fact you’re not angry with the Almighty about your loss
    is a really good thing, there’s many a believer that get hit with a life-event that is very painful
    and suddenly the whole faith thing gets ditched , replace by extreme rage and blame
    hats off to you fella
    oh and pat is right about the psalms
    revelations? once you get into that stuff , you can’t get out of it

    6. Psalm 34:18
    “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” If you are still and quiet, you may feel the Lord’s presence near you, but you may need to stop and listen for it.

    7. Psalm 147:3
    “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” God heals our broken hearts, even when we lose someone we love. Unfortunately, there is no timetable for grief but you can cling to the promise that God heals broken hearts.

    1. Many thanks – I have read up on this grief thing, one thing is absolutely crystal clear, a loss, any loss of someone, or something you loved just adds to the grief, it can catch up with you, and catch you out at anytime.

      Grief grabs you by the throat and will not let go, you have to learn to love even more to defeat it.

  9. oh yeah harri
    on that whole multicultural thing
    i reckon its what’s a person focus’s on that counts
    that emma radacanu – what an inspiration
    it makes the loopers like D Lammy and Diane Abbot more bearable
    just a bit , which is enough to not get upset
    so whenever i hear a bad story of immigration
    I think of a good story like Emma winning the USopen
    then at least i can face the day without having rage and anger pumped into my veins
    by the daily mail .. and others .. who want to turn a person into a rabid dog
    so they’ll tune in for more of the same and part with more money !

  10. kurt/percy/dave/nocomment why are you here?
    for heavens sake no one was kinder to you than me, I even let you write your own posts. as I did with others….
    Like them… all you come here for is to spew hate and no one really wants it. Please move on.

  11. Patrick

    I know two elederly neighbours who died from Covid. Here in NI we are still averaging about ten deaths a day, over 80% of them unvaccinated. But it may be that the Covid hospital cases in the USA are being inflated, because according to that liberal leftie rag The Atlantic, it seems that a big majority of them have mild Covid symptoms and are often admitted due to co-morbidities, eg chronic asthma or chronic old age. Chronic Trumpism could also be a significant factor.

    But in any case there is no excuse for a wilfully unvaccinated blowhard causing a cancer patient to have their operation cancelled. That blowhard should be at the back of the queue in the hospital carpark and if they die there it’s tough shit. Personal responsibility and all that. I thought you Rightards were keen on that?

  12. so in planer speech you believe the unvaccinated should be denied medical treatment.
    You can wrap it up anyway you want Peter your position is take the shot or else…. no medicine, no job, no dining out, no shopping, no leaving your home…

    anyone not taking the shot should be shunned until they die of starvation I guess…. you see if you believed in a god you might understand that even if you disagree with your fellow man to demand someone submit or die is morally wrong.

  13. Sorry about the people you knew Peter, any loss for any reason is just that a loss a hole in a families life. Something sad and heartbreaking.

  14. No Patrick

    As I said, no-one should be forced to get vaccinated and outside of China no-one is being forced to get vaccinated.

    But I know for a fact that in Northern Ireland there is very bad feeling against anyone who chooses not to get vaccinated and then expects to get treated for Covid ahead of someone who has been vaccinated and is waiting for a hip replacement operation for a year. Most of us are saying something along the lines of “***k them, let them take their chance at the back of the queue. And if they die in the hospital carpark, they are taking their stupid genes with them. So they get Darwin awards, as they should. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to lynchings but if there is another lockdown because of these jerks to be honest I wouldn’t lose any sleep.

  15. nah
    I was having a civil chat with Harri, no hate no nothing
    I said you’re my fav asshole, and that got you all triggered over nothing
    same old shit from you buddy, you simply cannot read , and see only what you want to
    3 comments i made , lengthy and thoughtful with quotes from the bible i spent time to go find
    one mention of butthole
    and hey you focused on that , you targetted in on 1 word , laser like
    maybe cos you see everything from outa yer own ….XXX – hole
    you certainly proved that for all to see

    soooo insecure troll , get help asap

    I even praised you about the comment on the psalms
    see in your stupidity, you missed even that one

    tool late , ur fucked pal

    1. No hate?

      I could not agree more to be honest.

      As for faith? I now realise faith is a gift.

      One day, hopefully before it’s too late, I truly hope to restore faith, my faith in the human species is shot, but my empathy towards sentient animals is stronger than ever.


      “Everyone is taught that Angels have wings, the lucky ones amongst us know they have paws”

      “And God said, I will send them without wings so no one suspects they are Angels”


  16. Millions are being forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs in the US Peter, and it’s been done with the encouragement of the President of the United States.
    No one here in the public gives a crap who is vaccinated who is not, less than 10% of the Public is wearing masks, and they certainly don’t care if their neighbor has or has not gotten a shot.

    Except Biden’s ILLEGAL Mandate has given the corporations a simple choice for ALL employees. Get Vaccinated or get Fired. (until covid such a demand would have drove a company to bankruptcy with Lawsuits)

    You may not understand what that does… it is a removal of something you foreigners really don’t understand it’s called Civil Rights and it is a TOTAL VIOLATION of them. This issue is this administrations largest problem and the greatest threat to the entire American culture and Society.

  17. lmao PVT “greatest threat to entire American Culture” – what a drama queen , worthy of any left wing woke bleeding heart howl

    CNN further reported that the White House had praised Fox and challenged it to mirror its corporate practices to its viewers.

    “Today’s news from Fox News follows a trend we’re seeing across the country: vaccination and testing requirements work,” a White House spokesperson told CNN on Tuesday night, adding: “We are glad they have stepped up to protect their workforce and strengthen the economy, and we encourage them to convey to their audience that these types of practices will protect their employees, their communities, and the economy.”


  18. Kurt as usual you are clueless…. corporations are following the government push for vaccines only because with the administrations backing they don’t fear the Lawsuits

    1. Let us be absolutely crystal clear here?

      This is not the agenda of governments, they are simply the useful idiots carrying out, unwittingly or otherwise of the globalists.

      QR-coded Digital Vaccine Passports, are the name of the game.

    1. Buy it or not Patrick.

      You, and everyone else, by coercion or otherwise, are about to receive one.


      I don’t think so.

  19. I’m not receiving anything…..
    I had Covid and the “Science” up until a year ago said that Natural Immunity from having a virus is A) better than a vaccine, and B) makes a vaccine unnecessary. I will stick with the 100yr old proven science, and the only way I’ll take the vaccine is by force.
    Who is going to volunteer to come to my home to make me…. it will not be pretty.

    1. How are you going to go shopping for essentials?

      No one needs to go to the bother of coming to your home, you will ultimately be coerced into complying, at this point in time, you don’t need to be anti-vaccine, or even anti-vaccine passport, they are light years ahead of us plebs, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated, like it or not.

      America is no longer the Land of the free. The globalists have put paid to that one once and for all.

      QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports will ultimately rule your entire life, everywhere you go, everything you do, and everything you purchase.

      QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports, the whole point of the manipulated statistics and hoax data.

      Do you seriously believe the globalists and their useful idiots are going to let all that go?

      What those globalist useful idiots seem unable to grasp, or have not yet worked out, is what happens to useful idiots when they are no longer useful?

      My best guess, next up, a cashless society, swiftly followed by a Global Financial Transaction Tax.

      imagine that, a Global Financial Transaction Tax on every transaction we make.

      Buying, earning, selling, paying.

      The trillions they have spent of our money on Covid will pale into insignificance on what they will get in return.

      Look to China, the CCP, social credit full on communism system, listen to Xi Jinping’s 2020 World Economic Forum speech, look up FT.com “China QR-codes”

      We are next.

  20. No because even though I live in a predominantly Democrat controlled state no one is asking to see any vaccine cards, and the majority never will.

    Plus where I live the Amish make up over a third of the population. They’ve worn NO MASKS, have received NO Shots, have had a very very low infection rate and an even lower death rate. Their markets are open everyday except Sunday.
    Harri the Highest UN-Vacinated group of people in the US are the blacks, as a whole they only have a 30% vaccination rate and inner city blacks, in NY, Philly, Chicago, Detroit, and LA have a less than 20% vaccination rate.

    The US is sitting at roughly 53% of the population FULLY vaccinated. They are trying to force employers to force their employees or they can’t work. They have a Problem… It’s against the Law to DISCRIMINATE” “FIRE” or “HARRAS” anyone based on a medical condition. 23 States have already brought suit against the Federal Government on Behalf of their people and corporations. CERTAIN FEDERAL UNIONS have been granted a waiver… the Postal workers who have contact with EVERY American are exempt…..

    Mandates are a Violation of Federal Law and Civil Rights. 40% of Americans have reached the point where they won’t get the vaccine now even if they had already planned to get it. They made it a matter of Principal.

    1. There is no more federal law.

      Only the law of the globalists.

      I strongly suspect you will at some point find that out.

      One thing which Trump said stands out, and stands true.

      “They are not coming after me, they are coming after you, the only thing which stands between them and you, is me”

      The globalists, by hook or by crook went all out to get rid of Trump.

      And they had every globalist reason to do so.

      And they did.

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