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We are in the Summer doldrums in the U.S. everything usually stops this time a year those that we’ve elected to handle our national affairs do less than nothing for or to the people at this time of the year, they are on vacation to the nations benefit.

If it wasn’t for the failure of Biden’s Afghanistan exit “slash” 9/11 photo op everything would be back to the ridiculousness of the Chicom Flu and this weeks variant and the further betrayal to our civil liberties.

In 5 days is the 20th Anniversary the Terror attack on the U.S. and on that anniversary the people who helped plot it, execute it, and support it, are sitting in our embassy laughing at us. Now that ending was inevitable and could have happened a lot sooner and a lot smoother, but Afghanistan was always going back under the thumb of it’s Tribal Warlords. No outside nation or force will ever change that.

The only question that has to be asked…. Did we impress the Jihadi tribesman that it was not worth leaving his country to spread the word of his Jihad or not?

Did we convince the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, hell even China or Russia to fear ever attacking or challenging the United States ? I don’t think we did…. I think all we did was reaffirm that the use of America’s Military Properly depends solely on who is President, and the man in the White House currently is no threat to anyone except his own people.

That does not mean President Biden won’t use our military, it just means that when he does use it he’ll do so in a manor that won’t really effect our adversaries to the ends we want, nor preventing them to achieve their long term plans.

The Middle East is on a “we shall wait and see” mode. What happens NOW… no one knows anyone can guess. The Russians and the Chinese are backing the Iranian’s, Afghani’s, and Pakistani’s. The Israeli’s, Saudi’s, Egyptian’s, Jordanians, and Indians’ are backed by the US & GB… the big players east or west are not in control of conditions on the ground, they are also rans in a conflict that is coming. Every nation in the region could provide the spark we will just have to wait and see.

In the meantime the Democrats have not lost site of their mission. The clock is ticking on their constitutional rewrite. The have the commie implementation plan all laid out…. it’s just a matter of passing it. The danger is there is really a ton of time. An entire fiscal year lay between now and the election. They are trying to get a “super plan” through in one shot, it worked for Obamacare, this however is worse than Obamacare because it’s a takeover of the whole economy not just Healthcare. The Democrat plan is to manage every aspect of the countries economy in a Green and Socially Just manner….

The plans they have are bold and ready for implementation, the complete dismantling of the fossil fuel industry in the United States is it’s stated goal. The elimination of the “Private Use” of the Gas engine. It’s for the children after all. They are going to save us whether we like it or not…. but for now… they’re on vacation.

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