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Where do we stand, and what is worth writing?

The War on Terror is not over it will never be. That is just the reality of the world. Mankind does not know how to maintain the peace, we never have. No matter how much we’d like to, it is also not changing anytime soon.

The War on Terror has been successful in some arenas and complete failures in others. There have not been any major attacks inside the United States for the past 20yrs that aspect of the war has been a success.

Our performance around the world on the other hand has more failure than victory. As with any conflict America gets involved in we can defeat and kill anyone, but we can’t bring western values to any nation in the world. No one can, the British proved that over the last century it has not changed one iota since and no matter what superpower tries it they will fail. We need to learn and understand that fact and ACT accordingly.

20 years ago the reality of our vulnerability was shown to us. The past 20 years has been a reaction to that vulnerability. The questions are what have we learned, what have we changed, what have we fixed, what have we made worse, and what are the next steps in this war?

Right now we are losing the War. If you put the war into a feasible realm of action it’s goals are to protect ourselves from attack by enemy forces and to limit the amount of damage our enemies can achieve. At this point in the War we are failing at both those goals.

We have just created a second Terror nation super power. We have legitimized the Taliban and given them international standing as a sovereign government. One that is led by 7th century War Lords and backed 100% by a Nuclear Armed Pakistan. How this is going to play out over the next decade is going to be very interesting to watch. I somehow doubt it will move in a way beneficial to humanity, and the safety of anyone who is not an Islamist.

While at the same time MILLIONS of people from all over the world are just walking across our Sothern border and it is being facilitated by the Biden Administration. They are welcoming unvetted foreigners with open hands and providing transportation all over the entire nation.

We know terrorists have entered over the southern border, we have no idea of how many or where they are right now. We can’t even keep track of the children that have crossed. Of the 65,000 registered minors that have crossed and turned themselves in, the Federal Government can not account for where over 20,000 of them are. Although I’d bet the coyote’s and sex traffickers know.

20 years after we watched 1000s die we have left the backdoor open and given aid to the enemy overseas, aid that the Biden Administration intends on not just continuing, but increasing to both the Taliban and Iran. They are determined to show the world that if you give your enemy everything they want they will become your friend and ally. (Please Pray for US)

So on this Anniversary I am worried. I worry about what is coming. I regretfully know in my heart bad things are on the way. All I can do is pray, and keep screaming warnings into the abyss, hoping others will hear.

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