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In it’s very opening salvo he insults and attacks 80 Million People for not getting the vaccine already.

As I listen to this speech I am floored… never have I heard anyone aim so much blame on single segment of society as I am hearing the President of the United States doing with this speech. Every ailment of society is being laid deliberately at the feet of 25% of our society because they won’t submit to a medical procedure.

This could very easily be made as a comparison to Hitler blaming everything on the jews in almost almost every way, except the most important one. Hate.

Hitler felt hate and used hate towards a group that he wanted exterminate, Joe on the other hand is motivated TOTALLY by the power of CONTROL. He is using the exact same rhetoric as Hitler but for control not extermination.

They believe they have found a Loophole to our Human Civil Rights. They can dismiss our rights in the name of the greater good…. it’s for the HEALTH of others. In the the name of protecting EVERYONE we will tell you what medical procedures “and other protections” you WILL undergo or do the things we tell you to do period end of story.

If you refuse: you will not, work, you will be denied healthcare, you will be denied the ability to ride any public transportation, you may not dine in any restaurant, shop in any store, or attend any public event, or show……

The President of the United States no matter what he says has absolutely NO AUTHORITY to implement a single thing he has laid out above.

Over a third of the people of the United State refuse to comply with this unprecedented abuse of power.

How are they going to force that third to comply?

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