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Gavin Newsome survived the recall vote….. I find that amazing, that with his mismanagement of the state no matter what party you are in you couldn’t be happy with the states condition. I mean there is not a City in California that doesn’t have 40 homeless people living on every street corner. San Francisco is covered in Human feces and they overwhelmingly voted to keep him.

The map of the precincts that Newsom won and loss do tell a familiar tale. He won the Coast and LA to Mexico. He lost in all the eastern counties that have been trying to succeed from California, over half of California’s land area but only about a third of it’s population.

So nothing changes. It’s as simple as that California will stay a Liberal Hell and all those who are working middle class have to flee or suffer.

It’s a great place to be really rich or really poor….. but god help you if you have a family and work for a living.

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3 thoughts on “60/40 Newsome Wins

  1. Patrick

    Surely it was just another “stolen election”? Because according to GOP mainstream like you the Dems only ever win “close” elections when they steal them. The leading Fox-Trumpist nutter (he got dozens of “interviews” on Fox) was claiming it would be stolen from the start of the campaign, just like his hero did in 2016 and 2020. And then there’s Alex Jones of course. We all know his take, no need to tune in to hear it.

  2. Hey Peter nice to see you…. I have been called many things… mainstream GOP has never been one….
    Was there fraudulent voting….. it’s California of course there was illegal voting over 30% of the state are in the country illegally.
    but it still is a big enough margin that even if there wasn’t fraudulent votes he still wouldn’t have been recalled….
    That’s what I find amazing, in spite of having millions of homeless and failing services all over the state party and politics comes before common sense…

  3. Yes Patrick. Newsom has failed California on many issues. But the Dems turned it into a choice between Newsom and a Trumpist blowhard. Which was clever politics and maybe something for your party to think about. But I don’t expect that it will, because it has become a Trumpist cult as you well know. Elder is on record as wanting to make abortion 100% illegal in all cases and abolishing the minimum wage. That’s certainly not an obvious way back for the GOP in 2022 and 2024. Maybe even in GOP Texas, never mind Wisconsin and the other swing states.

    But hey, go for it guys! It’s playing well on Fox and in the Confederate States for sure. Roe v Wade will be your next big victory.

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