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That is one of my favorite sayings and has been since I heard it as a kid uttered by Tony Curtis in Operation Petticoat. A more modern version is You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. Rahm Emanuel.

This is playing out on the ultimate scale with the Biden Administration.

Chaos rules supreme right now some is planned a lot is not, but it is all being parleyed into as much Political Profit as can be squeezed from it by the Democrat Party. This started with Covid and has been a nonstop train from hell ever since.

They told us we were all going to die, and then used it to steal an Election. They told the world they would not enforce our border, and several Million have flooded over our Southern Border. So much so that we now have a 15,000 people refugee camp under a Texas bridge. Even the Democrat Mayor of that town is crying for it to stop. They told us Trumps plan to leave Afghanistan was crap, so Biden scrapped it and put the State Dept. in Charge instead. Leading to the most embarrassing moment in American History since the end of the War in Vietnam.

All this is just the sideshow. Yes it’s embarrassing, yes it is multiple disasters, but it still the perfect distraction to achieve what they want without anyone paying attention. The direct cause for their ability to get away with trying to change the whole legal and economic structure of the country though falls directly on the Press or more honestly the lack of any real Press.

The 4th Estate no longer exists. It is nothing more than a Propaganda Machine for the American Communists that are in control of the Democrat Party. Investigative Journalism is dead and buried and has been for over a decade. They will intentionally write false stories about Republicans, but more importantly EVERY story no matter the subject is spun to meet only one political view. The view of Big Government Socialists, the answer to every problem and issue is more government control.

The so called 3.5 Trillion Dollar “Human Infrastructure Bill” which they say is the spending for the next ten years, on that statement alone it’s a Lie. This Congress is pretending they are writing the spending for not just this President, but the next 2 Presidents as well. They say they can do this because “they have a mandate”, what they have is the smallest majority of congress in American history.

The bill itself has yet to be written, (that’s irrelevant, they’ll fill in the blanks later. You’ll read it after it’s passed) but they must however pass it this week, and they will not Finalize the $1.5 Trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that has already passed unless they vote on and pass the $3.5 Trillion.

That deadline is both arbitrary and real… Real because the Law says the have to pass a budget by a certain date, but arbitrary because the whole budget process is fake. The haven’t passed an actual “Budget” since 94. Congress does not care, there is no one that is going to turn the lights or heat off on the US Government. Sure there may be a “Shutdown” and everyone will scream like it is the end of the world. What a shutdown really does is give half the Bureaucracy a paid vacation, and the Elected Employees a PR opportunity. No one in the Government from the lowest employee to the President EVER misses a paycheck. Even during the forced lockdowns and lockouts caused by Covid not one Government worker missed a paycheck. Something the rest of America can’t say, but het we’re just the peasants.

The problem is they are going to pass something this week, or at some point in the next month. Whatever they pass is going to be a Socialists dream and a national nightmare for the middle class. Once the government shuts down because of the end of the year debt limit the big government communists in the press will run a 100 stories a day on how it’s the end of the world, as they do Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy will cave to the fake pressure like the inside the beltway Political Reptiles they are screwing the American Public out of their hard earned money.

Chaos is the manure for the growth of political Tyranny. Remember Communism is not a Philosophy created by Marx, or a Little Red Book by Mao… It is total Government Control over every aspect of your life… and that is where our political leaders want us.

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