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As I listen to my President I am embarrassed. One of the first thing he speaks of is “Promoting Democracy” coming from a man whose party stole the election that put this idiot in office was the first turn of my stomach. The second was his emphasis on using OUR money to change conditions around the world and fight Terror rather than our military.

The speech was very scyzophrenic he kept downplaying and insisting on NOT using our military as a deterrent while continually listing problems that can only be handled by the threat or use of Military Force instead it will all be addressed through Bribery paid for by the American Citizen. Not only will we deter and fight threats to peace with our cash, but he lays out a huge list of where he’s going to spend Billions of American Dollars to solve OTHER Nations problems.

The speech is a mishmash of nonsense. It never settles on one or even a group of distinct issues. Instead he bounces all over every topic at multiple times in multiple directions.

An enormous word salad of platitudes and nonsense…. at least he stayed awake, but like Joes mind it totally lacked substance.

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