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Clark County Nevada Commissioners have decided to make it ILLEGAL to disagree with their view of Covid-19.

If you disagree with “The County Health Dept.” you are committing a crime, and YOU are causing a Health Crises. If you question the validity of the Vaccine, the danger level of a Virus with a 98% survival rate, or any of the “MANDATES” they put in place you are a threat to the Community.

Well not surprisingly the Clark County Commissioner meeting had some angry people who have an issue with Local Commissioner’s dismissing the 1st Amendment. The meeting got loud and the commisioners shut it down. Well the people didn’t want to leave without being heard. The County Security Guards decided it was time for people to go and started shoving people towards the door. The following are two clips of what happened when they shoved a woman into the Republican running for Lt Governor of Nevada.

Commission Meeting Shut Down! Mack Miller Army Veteran, candidate Nv Lt Governor reporting

This is out in the hall…

You will NOT question your Government, you will NOT express your concerns, or we will toss you out like the trash.

This is a disgrace that this is taking place in America. The Democrats have gone full Communist.

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