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Less than a year in power at the White House, POTUS Joe Biden’s approval ratings are dropping like a ‘dead rock’ amid controversial moves from his administration, including a compulsory vaccine mandate and Presidential ‘royale dose off’, during the visit of Premier Naftali. This is paving the way for a major Republican resurgence before the 2022 elections.

Vice President Kamala Harris has been, at least visually, front and centre as President Biden has overseen America’s retreat from the Afghanistan. She attends most of his security briefings and had to leave a meeting with business leaders last week to attend an urgent intelligence session as the Taliban rapidly cemented control over the country and China trying to find quick fix solutions to foster its commercial ties with Afghanistan, especially copper mines.

The Democrats in America actually love the present situation. They get to run the country via committee – probably headed by Obama and his advisors, and they have zero accountability, similar to NAC, which was headed by Sonia Maino Gandhi in the year 2006, during the UPA I regime.

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5 thoughts on “Humpty Biden Has Had A Great Fall

  1. Lmao
    2022 has bluewave written all over it
    cue – its rigged , the elections are rigged
    busted flush is the GOP for a generation
    reduced to hunter Bidens laptop, Durham and conspiracy lunacy
    it must be like breathing exhaust fumes every day if you support them
    Indictments everyday coming for Trump and his band of reprobates
    its so good i’m making my own popcorn at home now ….lol

  2. Somewhere are people with the ability to discuss things….. certainly not those who have commented so far, but good topics will be found here for any that wish to actually flex an intellectual muscle…. or even just a non medicated one.

  3. Somewhere are people with the ability to discuss things….

    yeah, but not in this ghost town

  4. well EP, you could have but you didn’t…. rather than engage in conversation you just insult. People like you should be ghosts.

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