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Pure Bullshit

The United States is being INVADED. They say they have caught 1.2 Million ILLEGALS because that is what they are ILLEGAL INVADERS. They are not “Immigrants” they are the dregs of South American flooding into our Nation at the Invite of President Biden against American Law and against the will of the American People.

The result of the PROPAGANDA and IDIOCY of saying that these “Poor People” were “whipped” by the Border Patrol has resulted in the following handling of the 15,000 ILLEAGLES the had formed a refugee camp under a Texas Bridge.

2000 Haitians have been sent back to Haiti

2000 are still under the Bridge.

11,000 were disappeared over night…. Transported away by the Biden Administration and DUMPED into Cities all over the Country.

The Biden Administration wants to change the demographics of the United States, they want to do it with people with NO SKILLS, and No Benefit to the Country. People who need The Government to take care of them, and will vote for those that will keep giving them Money, Food, and Housing….

That is NOT the purpose of Immigration, the purpose is to enhance the Country. To allow those with skills and talent’s into the Nation to become Citizens that will BENEFIT the Nation as a whole. Not BURDEN it further with illiterate, untrained, welfare recipients.

Those in power forget. THE ISSUE that got Trump elected was Illegal Immigration, now along with everything else that they have removed or destroyed that the Trump Administration accomplished this push to flood our Nation with a permanent class of welfare recipients is the Democrat Crown Jewels.

For those who think the 1.2 Million the Government have caught this year and let go is no big deal. The Border Patrol NEVER catches more than 10% of those that cross Illegally which is why we needed a Wall. If they’ve caught 1.2 Million that means 12 Million have crossed that they did not catch. Most carrying Fentanyl, Heroine, Meth, and Cocaine or little girls and boys for sex trafficking.



Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas disclosed Sunday that more than 12,000 Haitian illegal immigrants who had gathered in Texas near the southern border are being released into the United States.

“Approximately, I think it’s about ten thousand or so, twelve thousand,” Mayorkas told “Fox News Sunday” when asked how many have Haitians were already released.

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