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The President of the United States has decided to use the Justice Department to SILENCE POLITICAL SPEACH AND DECENT against of all things School Boards.

If you protest, and have a problem with Institutional Racism, Institutional Discrimination, and Forced Segregation based on the “oppressed” and the “Oppressor” as the keystone of your child’s education teaching them that if they have been born fair skinned they are “Privileged Oppressor’s” if they have been born with ANY other shade they are the “Oppressed”.

Well according to the Joe Biden President of the United States complaining to your Local School Board that teaching such thing’s is hate, a hate no different than what the KKK and it’s Segregation of the 50s imposed on America’s Black Communality. Championed by Democrats in office, while enforced by Democrat Lynchmen in White Hoods, Today the Racists are still Democrats but now in the 21st century they’ve flipped it. They now are pushing for the Discrimination of ALL faired skin People as the first step in Reparation’s.

If you don’t acquiesce to this form of thinking, and you have the unmitigated gall the ignorant tenacity to speak against it, YOU are a Domestic Terrorist. Exercising your Constitutional Right to Redress your Government about your grievance in the eye of President Biden that is a Crime. A crime that will be investigated by the FBI.

The best response to this comes from an Immigrant. A Gentleman from the UK who came here to raise his family in what was once the Home of the Free. Please take the ten minutes to watch this video. I have posted one of Mr Campbell’s videos in the past where he states the very famous Supreme Court Case Law AGAINST what the President has ordered his Stasi Justice Department ignore . The Video below was released hours before the President and Attorney Generals announcement. Not in response to it.

This issue is raging. It is the Real Number One issue in my country and it is just one tiny fraction of what the Democrats are trying to change and transform about the United States and the Biden Administration is not just willing, but wanting to use Force to imprint their VISION on your child.

Simon Campbell is doing this the right way…. In the Courts and with the LAW….

Simon Campbell

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Together with three other citizens I have file a federal lawsuit against the Pennsbury School Board, Bucks County, PA, and it’s Director of Equity, Diversity & Education. Please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE / Turn On BELL NOTIFICATIONS. Read the Lawsuit: https://www.ifs.org/cases/marshall-v-… Director of Equity’s e-mails: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1136s… — Media Contact (me): Simon Campbell; parighttoknow@gmail.com Media Contact (Institute for Free Speech): Luke Wachob; lwachob@ifs.org For More Information About the Institute for Free Speech: https://www.ifs.org/about-us/ — To make a political contribution to help defeat the incumbents on the Pennsbury School Board: https://secure.winred.com/citizens-fo…

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