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I was an Airline Exec for over 16 years. I ran Ground Control Towers, Ramp services, Catering Services, Freight, every aspect of the Airline Industry. I am also one of the staunchest ANTI-Union people you have ever met. I say this to give you just some weight as to what I am about to say.

I support the Airline Pilots Unions 100%. Airline Pilots are not knuckledragging thugs unable to think for themselves as most union members are, the majority are former or still reserve Military Pilot’s. No matter the Airline or the Country over 70% were trained through military service. The breed as a whole ooze professionalism, discipline, and ocd perfectionism. As it should be.

Southwest Airline is suffering a Legal work action following the Rules of their Contract. Every Pilot’s Union is looking to do exactly the same. Most will fail because after the Ground Unions destroyed most major carriers in the 80’s and 90’s the industry defanged them as new carriers were formed and old contracts weened out. Southwest missed redoing the Pilots which is why their cancellations are the most dramatic.

They are the canary in our national if not world coal mine. The shipping industry and the thousands of unloaded container ships is the other. Except the poison in the air is NOT noxious gas. The poison killing ALL industry and business in the United States are MANDATES.

No Government especially ours has the RIGHT to Mandate a medical treatment. All across the Nation businesses, including Hospitals are in a state of collapse as 10s of thousands are quitting or being fired rather than succumb to a MANDATE. The shelves in the food, clothing, and retail stores are near EMPTY with no sign of relief because the port workers and more important the Truckers are also refusing.

The only question is will the Biden Administration recognize the damage it is doing and make a correction. I do not see that they will. They refuse to even acknowledge the cause of the shortages and shutdowns. It is the same reason that with millions of jobs available with millions of people out of work who are able to work aren’t going back to work. MANDATED VACCINES.

Listen to the Pilot below, what he is saying is the sentiment of millions more than the Pilots.

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