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The Film of this man being arrested at a School Board meeting is the film that AC Garland the Attorney General is using to call Parents “Domestic Terrorists”.

The father of a female Virginia student allegedly sexually assaulted by a biological male wearing a skirt spoke out to “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday after months of self-described “silence” since he was pulled out of a June 22 school board meeting by police and later derided as a bigot on social media.

Scott Smith, a 48-year-old plumber, according to the Daily Mail, told host Laura Ingraham he went to the initial June meeting not for any political reason but because he had seen “all this crazy stuff on TV” and was concerned after his daughter had been assaulted.

The full interview was hard to watch, it is obvious that the Loudoun County Prosecutor and the School District took advantage of Mr. Smith. His daughter was allegedly raped by a Trans Student in the Girls Bathroom. A boy was arrested and charged with forced Sodomy and forced fellatio. While the family has waited for the Trial the Loudoun County Prosecutor told the Smith’s that A) the boy would be on an ankle monitor and home arrest until the trial, but the Smith’s had to keep their Mouths Shut, or they wouldn’t get a prosecution.

The Smiths did as they were told, then the Loudoun County School Board held a Public meeting to announce that they were installing a Gender Free Bathroom and Gym Locker System in the School District. They were asked directly about sexual assault, and not only denied that any had happened, but stated there has never been a rape by a trans student EVER anywhere. Mr. Smith got up to speak and as he tried to relate his daughters story he was verbally attacked by a Trans Activist in the Audience, calling him a Liar… when he responded calling her a “Bitch” the Police surrounded him tackled him to the ground and arrested him.

The School Board ignored the whole thing, dismissed Mr. Smith and Passed the Trans Bathroom/Lockerroom Policy. Last week the SAME Boy who the School District put in a different school raped and kidnapped a 15yr old girl. Not only was the boy not on House Arrest he was placed in another school and still permitted to use the girls bathroom.

Hearing of the Second Rape is the ONLY reason Mr. Smith went public and we are now hearing the whole story.

These School Boards are pushing this Trans and CRT agenda, they do not care about the Safety or Education of the Children only the Promotion of their Woke Agenda. They allowed 2 girls to be raped and covered up both, while trying to destroy a grieving fathers life for speaking up. They victimized this man and then used the film of them victimizing him as justification to call in the FBI because these Parents are “Domestic Terrorists” as their policies lead to the rape of little girls.

My heart breaks for this family, and the family of the other girl.

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