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President Biden’s remarks are the disgraceful babbling of a man who THINKS he’s Royalty. While using Communist propaganda statements.

Biden: “Let’s be clear — vaccination requirements should not be another issue that divides us.”

Yes do it MY WAY or Else… There is no division if you comply Comrade. That is what he just said, while lying about Southwest Airlines. The SWA shutdown which was followed by an American Airlines Shutdown yesterday and others are following ARE from the Mandates, and I’ll explain why.

United Airlines in early September told their employees they were implementing the Federal Mandate for the Covid Vaccine it is by Presidential order MANDATORY for ALL Federal Contractors. What most don’t realize is that ALL American Air Carriers are under Federal Contract for both Military and Postal transport. When the President MANDATED all Federal workers (except the postal union) and Contractors, must be Vaccinated that includes ALL Airline Employees. United Airlines asked for a list of those that will be claiming Religious or Medical Exemptions.

They then informed those Employees that they will be put on unpaid leave or terminated after November 9th.

This caused anger and panic in the Industry, every airline asked their employees the same thing and are treating those employees in the same way. The Unions are taking the Airlines to court, in the mean time fearing the loss of their livelihood and ANGER at being DICTATED to undergo a forced Medical Treatment, they are systematically using their Employment Contracts to make the companies pay before they are placed on leave and fired. The Pilots, Flight Attendants, and even the Ramp Agents of our major Airlines have Tons of Paid Sick Leave. This sick leave is part of their contracts and can’t be denied. It’s a fine perk beneficial to both the employee and employer. Unless your workforce has an excessive build up of such leave and entire groups all start using them at once which is what both SWA and AA did this week.

The MANDATE in spite of what President Biden said IS directly responsible for these shutdowns.

The President suffers from the same condition that ALL our Politicians do and the “Covid Incident” has exasperated and emboldened them more. They feel they are an Elite Class. A Class separate from the “Average American”, a Class that can issue MANDATES to the PEASANTS. That is how they view themselves and how they view the PEOPLE they are supposed to be Representatives of, not Bosses of, they work for us even if they don’t act it or are treated like it.

This illusion they are all suffering from is a major problem that has manifested itself over and over in the last 15 years. It applies not to just the politicians, but also High Ranking Bureaucrats A perfect example is the disgrace Andy McCabe head of the FBI fired for Lying Under Oath. The Justice Department REFUSED however to Prosecute Mr. McCabe for his Crimes of Lying under Oath, Falsifying Evidence, & Sedition as the IG Report recommended. Instead he was just fired and stripped of his Pension. Well since he was NOT prosecuted as any other American would be this week he was awarded the Return of his Pension. Over a $100,000 a year and full benefits. If it were you or I we would be in prison.

We are reaching a tipping point here in the States. It is going to get much uglier as the system collapses, and collapsing it is.

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