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Michael Regan began his tenure as President Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency administrator by dismissing dozens of outside scientific advisers appointed during the previous administration — part of an effort to “ensure the agency receives the best possible scientific insight to support our work.”

At the time, Regan (pictured) called it a “reset.” Opponents grumbled that it looked more like “a purge.” Now, one of those advisers, Stanley Young, has filed a lawsuit in federal court accusing the agency of violating U.S. law; the suit also seeks an injunction to halt the work of his former committee.

The Clean Air Act requires that, when setting air quality standards, EPA must seek the advice of a panel of experts known as the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC). Regan dismissed all seven members of that panel and 47 members of the related Science Advisory Board (SAB) — actions that, Young alleges, left them “unfairly balanced” because “they lack a single member affiliated with regulated industries.”

In the coming Build Back Better legislation that Congress is passing this week the over half the Bill is dedicated to Banning the Gas Engine and making ANY USE of Gasoline Cost Prohibitive.

Now there are going to be 100s of things in this Bill that will Damage the Country and our way of life. All of which will rob Billions out of Tax Payers pockets and give them nothing in return. The most damaging aspects will be it’s Green New Deal Components.

In the dismissal of the Personnel above the Biden Administration blatantly broke the Law. It is the Hallmark of this Administration. The Rule of Law no longer applies. It has become nothing more than a political weapon to be used against anyone that does not follow the new Communist Manifesto.

They Violated Constitutional Law in 5 States to elect Biden and the Supreme Court the Defenders of the Constitution the people whose only job is to make sure the Government does NOT Violate the Constitution did nothing. They refused to even hear the cases. They negated their entire purpose for existing.

The fact that the Biden Administration has no regard for the Law is not a revelation, it has been known from the beginning that the Biden’s have been corrupt. Just because the Press and Big Tech refused to allow anyone to discuss the 10s of millions of graft and bribery money funneled through Joe’s Son and Brother doesn’t make the crime’s go away it only highlights the Two Tier Justice System that is now fully in place. Hunter is still collecting money from the Chinese and selling paint by numbers for Bribes.

The Violation of the Law above the Clean Air Act though is a subplot to the main gest of Build Back Better. BBB which is toted everyday by Biden’s spoke person Psaki The President’s preference is the same as the Speaker’s preference. Their view is we can still do something historic and that will fundamentally change — change the economy for the American people.

That “Fundamental Change” is the removal of the Gas Engine from Civilian use through both direct bans and cost prohibitive measure which the EPA will be administering through crushing regulation. Regulation that by Law needs the input of the People the Biden Administration have removed.

This Bill is designed to Fundamentally Change America into an “Electric” powered society through FORCE. It will destroy the United States if it is allowed to be implemented.

It is NOT what the American People want, the American People are not even being told what the Biden Administration is doing. It will dawn on them AFTER it is all in place.

When it does is when things will get real interesting.

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