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There is a determined effort underway to impose Covid passports on the people of Northern Ireland “to save the NHS”. Utterly ridiculous and mendacious.

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3 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast Covid passports aren‘t about Covid

  1. QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports, have been the whole point of all the manipulated statistics and hoax data.

    And we are all about to receive one, which will follow our every movement.

    You can’t say you were not warned.

  2. I strongly suspect I will be chalking several other wins?

    With those globalists useful idiot allocated QR-coded Digital ID Vaccine Passports, will swiftly be followed by a) A cashless society, b) A Global Financial Transaction Tax, and c) A full-on CCP ‘inspired’ Social Credit System. In other words, if it is not state/globalist approved, you will not be able to do it, buy it, eat it, drink it, smoke it, go there, or who you choose to there with, and for how long.

    Don’t believe it will happen?

    It’s coming.

    History really is repeating itself, we are not only now queuing up for those trucks, we are loading ourselves onto them.

    The duped dupes were wrong reference “No Jabs, No Job” and I am pretty certain they have absolutely no idea still at just what is coming at them at a rather rapid rate of knots?

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