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The first thing which Prez. Barack Hussein Obama stated upon taking over the White House was to instigate ‘Accessible Government’ through the Web. All well and good, but guess who the first guy is who gets the Obama ‘Gold Seal’ of Approval?

Yes, It’s none other than the Phantom Swimmer of Chappaquidick, the last remaining one of the ‘Sons of Kennedy’ clan, our One and Only Ted (Kopechne) Kennedy himself. Seems Obama’s excavating the ‘Peace Corps’, or should that be exhuming?

Seems as though a long memory isn’t one of our Barack’s best traits, but maybe keeping in with the money is!

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5 thoughts on “So what else is new?

  1. How dare you mention " Phantom " and Ted Kennedy in the same breath? I may sue you for defamation. Mahons, please prepare suit papers.

  2. Ain’t Lord Chappaquiddick dead yet?


    Anyway, so Obama is establishing his SA asking Americans to serve their country. What he means is serve the state.

    Patriotic Americans ought to invite him to shut his mouth and mind his own business.

  3. kennedy needs to become the first victim in rationed universal health care

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